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Did you get the notification? Because “notifications” are trending on Twitter.

Twitter never runs out of topics, no matter how bizarre and preposterous, to steer a conversation and to attract the attention of those frequenting Twitter town. While mostly the waves of excitement are created by crypto and other significant news, there are times when Twitter stretches its leg a bit and moves on to lighter topics. And today it is one such day. Because “notifications” have taken up the spotlight on Twitter today. Yes, you heard it right. That occasional beep from the phone has more or less become the background score to our lives. Can you think of a day passing by without your phone beeping even once? Seems like you cannot. And it looks like Twitterati agrees as well. Let us flip through a few of the reactions and responses on Twitter, and of course, the hilarious memes. You can never have too many memes.


Memes All The Way

The number of memes on Twitter today will make you wonder if notifications were this crucial after all. Let us flip through a few of the reactions and responses on Twitter. And hey! Don’t forget to check your notifications. You never know what easter egg can be hidden among those seemingly mundane beep beeps.

Let’s begin with something useful

That is an interesting proposition.

Ahem Ahem.

Well, that is the sad story of a good majority out there. Agree or disagree?

That is not creepy at all.

I did tell you about the easter eggs. You never know.

I support this suggestion. You know if you know.

Ahh! What is your definition of a scary notification?

Once you get that “shipped” notification. There is no sitting idle.

Well, it cannot be denied that notifications are a real blessing for those introverts who are looking for ways to escape from a conversation.

I understand the trauma, my friend.

Let’s wrap up with a word of appreciation for all those legends out there who turn off their notifications and enjoy blissful peace and calm. It takes some nerve and philosophical detachment to turn that off. And for those who cannot turn it of, here is some food for thought. When was the last time a notification made you jump? Think about it before the next notification breaks your strain of thought.



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