Did you know Spirit Halloween makes nearly $1 billion in a month?

Did you know Spirit Halloween makes nearly $1 billion in a month?

Spirit Halloween is a monopoly in the market right now. And this allows them to charge exorbitant prices for Halloween goods like makeup, costumes, and accessories. You also probably won’t be able to return anything you buy during this time. This allows Spirit Halloween to make nearly $1 billion this time of the year.

Recently, Billy Gene, a Tiktoker, shared how Spirit Halloween was able to pull this off.

The first thing he mentions is “mass distribution.” Bill explains, “Remember that store, Spencers? Well, they acquired them in 1999, and now they have over 1400 locations in the US and Canada.”

He further adds, “This gives them the leverage that they need to negotiate short-term leases because most commercial areas don’t let you do this unless they’re in financial distress.”

Now, once everything is set and the store is all up, people think they just sell costumes, wrong! Spirit Halloween has “yard decorations, graphic Tees, merchandise, makeup, accessories, accessories, accessories.”

Bill says, “Now the main problem is that there’s not any real competition, cause where else can you go and try on costumes? They basically have a monopoly on the market.”

He also warns, “And good luck, returning anything you buy. Because if you buy after October 22nd, all sales are final, and after November 4th, all the stores are gone, and there are a billion dollars in the bank.”

Watch the video here:


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The replies to this also video were mixed reactions. While one viewer wrote, “I’ve got money, and I’d never waste money in there.” Another one commented, “spirt Halloween is the 👌best 😁”

We can also understand the popularity of the store because a lot of viewers also wrote that they have been to the store recently.

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