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Digital lenders seek 6-month extension, meet with RBI, on PPI-based lending

After conducting a number of conferences, the Digital Lenders Association of India has reached a resolution of pursuing a 6-month extension and meetings with RBI spokespersons on the authority’s current description prohibiting a number of fintech companies from making smooth financial standing via Prepaid Payment Instruments of their allies.

Source: Moneycontrol

In the document drafted on Friday, the DLAI appealed that business models that include granting via PPIs were built up with an ambition of assuring approachability of low-cost and simple credit to the middle and lower class group people in the country and attaining economic incorporation and to protect the user’s account from any integral hazards of transactions along with safeguarding the benefits of the users.

Previously on June 20, the Reserve Bank of India released a resolution to financial technologies making a declaration that charging credit lines into PPIs like wallets and prepaid cards is not authorized. This step has intimidated to get shut off the business models of several financial technologies that have witnessed an astounding development in 2021.

The letter further mentioned that DLAI appeals on account of their associates to authorize a postponement of six months with reference to the PPI notification mentioned earlier so that the DLAI and their shareholders can use that period to involve with RBI to assist in bringing about a conclusion bespeaks the administrative intent and interests without having any adverse effect on this crucial business.

The other request in the letter was to permit a conference either virtual or in-person with the Reserve Bank of India to initiate a deliberation process to attain a link between the regulatory concerns and intents of the members or consumers or shareholders of the industry.

This step by DLAI will have an effect on around 80 members which comprise the digital lenders and BNPL players and many other companies like ZestMoney, Paytm, OlaMoney Postpaid Plus, etc.

One of the companies related to DLAI said that at first, they are contacting the Reserve Bank of India with an appeal to have further consultations. It also said that they need to maintain a balance between revolution and modulation and have to have a proper understanding of the advancement along with figuring out the difficulties and the solutions to tackle them.

Those documents are expected to pursue certainty on the benchmarks along with level playing fields for NBFCs, who are the real grantees in these agreements. The DLAI might probably ask the RBI to make issuing of proper credit cards simple for them.



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