An outline of the robotic device depicted
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Disney files patent for robotic storage devices
These devices would allow guests to summon a locker to arrive at their exact location in the park.

The diagram of the locker shown alongside image of Disney World
This week, Disney files patent for ‘robotic storage devices’ for guests coming to the park.
Source: Fox 35 Orlando

This week, reports specify how Disney has filed a patent for ‘robotic storage devices,’ or mobile lockers for its parks. This would mainly enable the guests to use their smartphone devices to call a locker to them when needed. Specifically, this device would arrive at the guest’s exact location in the park, or a designated spot at the venue.

The patent reportedly specifies that these mobile lockers would have the provision to be tracked and monitored. Alongside, it can even be remotely driven at a monitoring centre by specific company personnel. Additionally, these robotic lockers would possess the feature of a proximity sensor. This would enable the detection of a human or a vehicle nearby in order to avoid possible collisions or accidents. It would make sure to prove rather productive for guests than cause any unnecessary problems at the venue.

The plan suggests that this portable locker would include a storage container featuring a particular locking mechanism for the park visitors in order to safely store their valuable possessions. Moreover, it would include the provision of an insulated compartment for the guests to store beverages such as cold drinks and milks for infants, along with other products which require to be kept cold.

Disney Inc. has aimed for these planned robotic storage devices to be of great use for guests visiting the parks. Mainly, this would save the guests the long walk across the massive theme parks of Disney to get hold of their personal items at one of the locker stations at the parks. They hope that this new addition would only significantly control the unnecessary chaos but also make sure that guests have a smooth visit around the park.

It is no wonder that such lockers have been in demand for a while owing to its various features that would make visits much easier for park goers. Once fully implemented, it would appear as if a ‘robotic sherpa’ is bringing visitors their precious belongings directly to them at the time of their next theme park visit.

Soon, anyone visiting Disney’s themes parks would be able to summon these lockers through their smartphones at the exact location as themselves. With this, they would be able to conveniently store their possessions and collect them at the end of the visit without any hassle or having to cover long distances on foot.