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Microsoft to end support for Windows 8.1 in January 2023
It would stop providing security updates for Windows 8.1, encouraging users to upgrade to Windows 11.

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Microsoft to end support for Windows 8.1 in January next year.
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Windows 8.1 came forward as one of the popular versions of the popular operating system from Microsoft Corp. Mainly, this was owing to the fact that it had the provisions for an optimum balance between vintage interface of the iconic Windows, along with the then introduced UI which Microsoft Corp was aiming for. Evidently, Windows 8.1 offered a relatively stable experience compared to the mess that was brought forward by then brand new Windows 8 after Windows 7.

Clearly, Windows 10 and Windows 11, later on, came across as being way more stable, packed with much more features, and significantly loved by the users. Hence, owing to this, the end for Windows 8.1 seems quite inevitable at this stage.

This week, Microsoft Corp made the announcement that it would finally suspend all necessary technical support for its Windows 8.1 system. This is set to occur about seven months from now, on January 10, 2023. Evidently, this appears to be somewhat similar to how the tech giant ended support for its Windows 8 system in January 2016.

What will happen to Windows 8.1?

From January 10 next year, users of Windows 8.1 would no further be able to access security updates to the system. Essentially, this indicates that these particular users would be ultimately compelled to upgrade to the newer versions of Windows such as Windows 10 and Windows 11, in order to continue the use of the operating system in a secure and productive manner.

Additionally, Microsoft Corp went on to publish a list of FAQs on its website which mainly addressed the range of questions that users may possible have regarding the update. This included information on what would possibly happen if one continued to use the Windows 8.1 even following January 10, 2023.

One should keep in mind that Windows 8.1 would not exactly stop working after the date mentioned by Microsoft. However, there would be no more security updates to the system, which could lead to serious issues. The desktop or laptop of the users on Windows 8.1 could end up vulnerable to several risks, along with attacks through the web or local connections, whether wired or wireless.

Moreover, Microsoft applications such as Microsoft 365 would also no further support desktops or laptops on Windows 8.1 following January 10. This is owing to the fact that it follows the Modern Lifecycle Policy of Microsoft which mainly pushes the users to stay updated to the latest software which is safe and secure.