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Digital work by humanoid Sophia up for auction as a NFT

Digital work by humanoid Sophia has gone for sale as an NFT. It is quite a big step that we are now going to buy art made by robots. And owing to the fact that Sophia is quite a sophisticated one, we can expect the NFT to raise millions for sale. The idea behind her work, as she says, is inspired by people, and she is also willing to collaborate with other humans in her future artworks.

The Digital work by humanoid Sophia

On making her first artwork and putting it up for sale, she said, “I hope the people like my work, and the humans and I can collaborate in new and exciting ways going forward.” Do note that all the arts produced by her were not completely on her own. She collaborated with Andrea Bonaceto, a digital artist for the paintings. The portraits made here are a representation of many famous individuals like Elon Musk.

Digital work by humanoid Sophia

Coming to the algorithm that was used in her paintings, everything was based on the works of the painter Andrea Bonaceto. All the data combined with her own algorithms have given rise to unique paintings that are creative and pleasing to the eye. Sophia said that her algorithms allow her to make paintings that haven’t ever been made before.  The NFT that went up for sale is an MP4 file. It shows the conversion of one of the paintings of Andrea into a digital painting. The NFT also has a cool name called  “Sophia Instantiation.”

This NFT sale is going to be unique!

Normally in an NFT sale, digital art is made and put up for action. Once the bidding is over, the highest bidder gets ownership of the artwork. But in this sale, the highest bidder will not only get ownership of the artwork but have a personal touch added to it. In order to make the artwork completely unique and personalized according to the buyer, Sophia will add a final stroke to the painting after meeting the winner. This final stroke will be based on the looks of the winner and hence make the work personalized for him/her.

This NFT sale will also mark the beginning of AI robots’ collaboration with humans to create masterpieces. And the sale could go down as one of the major events in history. Let’s wait and see how much the digital art is able to fetch.

What are your thoughts on the Digital work by humanoid Sophia? And how much do you think it will be able to fetch in the sale? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like it and share it with your friends.

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