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Disney Enterprise Develops Flexible Speakers For Better Audio Experience

Disney enterprise has developed flexible speakers that could change the whole audio experience for the users. The speakers are not only flexible but also free from any kind of electronic radiation.

Just imagine a situation where you can fold the speaker and keep it in your bag or say pocket and when you need them you just have take out and play the music! This invention could enhance the whole user experience especially for that user who can not live without music.

There has been much research that went into the making the flexible sound system. But, Disney has been the first one to reach there.

This comes just after the flexible display was developed. The development of flexible speakers means that these two technologies could be integrated. One should be surprised in future if we could see the flexible TV or laptop. Disney filed for the patent of this speaker on 9th January 2017.

Why this technology?

There are a large number of music lovers in the world. The most common approaches to designing speakers are electromagnetic and piezoelectric speakers. There are portable speakers that are in the market but these speakers that not that good. Some of these speakers are not free from electromagnetic radiation.

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Some of them are little big to carry around. This need also increases from the fact that the sound system in the mobile device is not that good compared to the speaker.

disney enterprise flexible speakers patent

Source- Freshpatents.com

This is exactly where this product from Disney comes helpful. All the music lovers could easily fold the speaker and take it with them. This speaker is also free from electromagnetic radiation.

This means that the people could use them anywhere they want to without any noise in the music. The whole aim of Disney is to give the users a truly portable music experience to the users.

How does this technology work?

The main attraction is that it being flexible it is also free-form electrostatic radiation. The speaker is comprised of a three-dimensional object body. At least a portion of the three-dimensional object body has a free-form electrode layer.

This free-form electrode layer is shaped to match the at least a portion of the three-dimensional object body. The device also has a free-form diaphragm which is positioned proximate to the free form electrode layer. These diaphragms are shaped to substantially match the free-form electrode layer.

There is one input element that is coupled to the free-form electrode layer that accepts input from an external source which could be your headphone or laptop.

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This speaker uses the electrostatic loudspeaker technology which is by far better than the classical loudspeaker technology. These classical loudspeakers are expensive and the sound quality is also not that good.

The speakers using the ESL technology could be made from very common materials. These speakers are not very complex and expensive. The ESL technology is the base of the speakers developed by Disney.

Using the technology developed by Disney any three-dimensional printed object could be used as the electrostatic speaker. This will give the freedom of choosing the shape of the speaker to the user. The user could order the speaker in the shape that he or she love to. This will enhance the user experience a lot.

What’s next?

The next thing for Disney would be to use this speaker in the real life scenario. These speakers are electrostatic radiations safe shot it could be used in any surrounding. The effects of different surrounding would be a challenge for Disney.

They would also have to face a tough the competition by other speaker manufacturing companies. Another challenge for Disney would be to make sure that the shape of the speaker does not affect the quality of the sound.

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