Walt Disnep

Disneyland’s Facebook, Instagram accounts hacked

Disneyland is in a bit of trouble as its Facebook and Instagram accounts were hacked on Thursday. According to the reports from Walt Disney Co, Disneyland Resort’s Facebook and Instagram accounts were hacked yesterday. They even had to take down a couple of offensive posts from these after they were hacked. Who would have thought, there might be a hacker ruthless enough to hack into Disneyland.

Walt Disnep

The What And Why

Technology is definitely a coin with two sides. While most of the time, we fall on the good side or let’s say, in between, at times misfortune strikes. And this time Disney is at the receiving end of that strike. A hacker managed to perforate the Instagram and Facebook accounts and give the entertainment giant a good amount of trouble with the inappropriate posts. According to a statement from the entertainment giant,

“We worked quickly to remove the reprehensible content, secure our accounts, and our security teams are conducting an investigation.”

Although the motive behind the hacking is yet to be known, the hacker is confident enough and perhaps a bit too self-obsessed. Because the person has proclaimed themselves to be a “super hacker here to bring revenge upon Disney Land.” Although the proclamation low-key sounds like something from a teenager who watched a fantasy series with warriors and battles, the issue isn’t that trivial as it can prove to be a major security breach. The hacker had posted profane and racist posts. All the posts were taken down by the company, though screenshots are available. Disneyland has a notable following on Instagram the number almost touching 8.4 million.