Dissatisfied Ola Customer Ties Scooter to Donkey After Company Ignored his Complaints
A customer staged a unique protest after failing to get a satisfactory response from Ola about his electric scooter.

A customer of Ola electric from Maharashtra went in a creative manner to get attention from Ola after they ignored his complaints about his scooter. Sachin Gitte from Maharashtra’s Beed, had announced that the Ola electric scooter that he had purchased stopped working less than a week after he purchased it.

He tried to contact Ola’s customer care several times to put an end to this issue, but he never received a response from them. So, he ended up tying his malfunctioning scooter to a donkey and start procession around the city, creating banners and posters announcing not to trust Ola and their substandard products.

Ola protest by Moneycontrol

He was then interviewed after this stunt and he said that he had ordered for the scooter back in September last year but only received it on the last week of March. By the time April even began, the scooter stopped turning on. He said that Ola sent one of their mechanics to his place to figure out what the problem was but he neither solved it, nor did Ola call him back to tell him what exactly was wrong with the scooter. He constantly called their helpline and he never received any clear-cut answer.

Frustrated by Ola’s After sale service, he decided to go public with the entire donkey fiasco.

The procession which took place on April the 24th made its rounds across social media with some users making memes, and others criticising Ola for their substandard vehicles and negligent services.

He said that there is remuneration, or full return or any kind of financial services which are offered by Ola even though the company handles thousands of crores of rupees on the daily. He requested other people not to waste their money by purchasing an Ola product. Not only is a waste of money but also a waste of time.

Mr. Gitte’s field day took place just a day after Ola Electric announced that they will be taking back a few of the scooters they have sold after many reports of them catching on fire.

Ola electric, along with its products have been under serious fire lately. The company has been heavily criticized on social media and by experts for the way it is run and for their extremely subpar services and customer care. Ola electric seems to always find themselves in the negative end of publicity and they are going to have to make some big changes if they are to keep up with the fast paced EV industry.