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DocsApp – Making Healthcare Services Easily Accessible To Patients !


DocsApp is an online doctor consultation app that makes sure that doctors are easily accessible to the patients. The team plans to connect the healthcare ecosystem and in a way that patients will have an easy access to healthcare services.

The Idea

DocsApp is an online specialist doctor consultation mobile app. The thought behind the entire concept is to make the healthcare industry more efficient and accessible to the commoners. Their mantra is #NoAppointment #NoTravel #NoWaiting – for doctor consultation. So no more waiting in line, or travelling long distances to meet the specialist. The doctor, is just a click away.

Statistics show that 72% of health issues are common illnesses and they do not require physical examination. Here is where this app comes into the picture as it can be used in 72% of health issues confidently, sparing you so much trouble. Patients can get consultation through Chat or Call methods and also upload pictures of affected areas or medical reports. It is like Whatsapp for patients and doctors. Apart from consultations, patients can also get diagnostic tests done at home. Currently DocsApp provides consultation in the following fields.

– Psychiatry – Depression, Stress, Anxiety,  family relation issues
– Derma – Acne, pimple, rashes, skin issues, hair falls
– Gynecologist – Women who have period issues, pregnancy planning, infertility, lactation counseling.
– Gen Med – All common health problems.
– Pediatrics – All common baby health issues

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=”600″]Facts about DocsApp

Year Founded : 2014

Operations Started : April 2015

Founders: Satish Kannan and Enbasekar D

Head Office Location: Bengaluru

Funding Till Now : Seed [/box]

Meet the Makers

The idea was a combined initiative of two IITians Satish Kannan and Enbasekar D. Both founders were classmates at IIT and had worked on various technology product right through their college days.

Satish has a Bachelors and Masters degree from IIT Madras. He has previously worked with giants like Philips Healthcare. He worked on C-Arm Imaging machines used in Cardiovascular and Orthopedic procedures.

Enbasekar D also has a Bachelors and Masters from IIT madras. He has previously worked at Healthcare Technology Innovation centre “.Enbasekar has built a Diabetic retinopathy disease detection software that would automatically detect the disease from eye image.

 DocsApp USP

DocsApp has a lot of features that will make you want to download the app and start using instantly.

  • They have specialist doctors from dept such as  Gynac, Dermatology, General medicine, Pediatrics and Psychiatry who provide consultations on DocsApp.
  • Patients can get consultation through Chat or Call methods and also upload pictures of affected areas or medical reports. It is like Whatsapp for patients and doctors.
  • Patients can also get diagnostic tests done at home.
  • On DocsApp, patients can consult a doctor from the comfort of the home and receive the same quality consultation.
  • Diagnostic tests are also arranged at home through the app and the reports get automatically uploaded into the app. Patients can save time, effort and money by consulting online.

Dodging the competition

The two major competitions of DocsApp are Practo and Lybrate. When asked how they tackle them, they had an answer ready.

On DocsApp, you can consult a specialist doctor directly through mobile. No appointment, no travel, no waiting.

Docsapp has top specialist who are available on platform to provide consultation in 30 minutes. They also integrate with lab test providers who come to your home to collect the lab test and reports are automatically uploaded back into the app. Apart from this they also have medicine delivery at home in select cities.

The Target Market

They have divided their target markets into two sections : Tier 1 and Tier 2

In Tier 1 they are aiming at the busy people, who have no time to wait in line for an appointment and then another two hours in the waiting room and often and up neglecting healthcare issues.

In Tier 2, these are the people who do not have access to the best medical facilities in their vicinity. They want to bridge the gap between such people and the doctors. They are hoping that with the increase in the penetration of internet in the coming years, their audience will also increase with time.


Until now, the company has raised a Seed round of funding from IITMIC.

Achievements and the road ahead

They have had an amazing response till now. They have connected patients not just in cities but from every nook and corner of India to top doctors in Bangalore, Bombay and Delhi.

Currently they have 20K patients from all over the country and and a team of 150 specialist doctors from various fields having different specialties. Apart from this they have partnered with more than 1000 diagnostics lab centers across India to do home pick up of samples.

Their goal as they say is to ‘Help 1 million patients reach top specialist doctors across India in the coming year’. They have strategies to get 500 more doctors on board from all 10 cities. And finally seamlessly connect patients for online consultations and also provide diagnostics lab tests and medicines delivered at home.














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