Doge meme’s NFT sold for a record breaking $4 million in auction

Can you imagine a meme being sold for $4 million. It’s a little difficult, right? How difficult is it to imagine that a Non Fungible Token of an image could be sold for $4 million. Well, It has happened the NFT of the iconic image of the Shiba Inu dog has been sold for a whopping amount of $4 million.

The auction was won by @pleasrdao who placed the in ethereum. He bid 1696.6 ethereum tokens that roughly mean $4 million. The meme was sold by Atsuko Sato, the owner of the eponymous Doge. Don Cadwell, the Editor in chief of Know your Meme who certified the NFT called it the most iconic meme in history. He also said that he was happy to be a part of an iconic NFT and if any meme deserved to hold a record-breaking NFT it is Doge.

The photo is of Atsuko’s dog who took it unknowingly that it would become the most famous meme of all time. The image was taken almost a decade ago and was first posted on Atsuko’s dog from where it migrated to Reddit and other platforms. His name Doge was given by a user called Kabosu who casually called it Doge and the name spread like wildfire around the world since then.

Dogecoin got associated with the cryptocurrency when it was launched. The currency has shown growth since its launch but it became especially popular when Elon Musk started endorsing it on social media. He eventually became ‘the Dogefather’. The currency has shown unimaginable growth and rise in popularity and it can be attributed to the popularity of the meme as people associate it with a meme that they have consistently seen on the internet.

In fact, the currency was created to honor the meme as one of its founders noted that the meme was too important to just be a meme. This is not the first meme to cash out on its popularity. The disaster girl meme, one of the memes that became very popular on the internet in 2005 was sold for nearly half a million dollars.

NFTs might seem pointless to a lot of people but they sure have made people earn a lot of money that they couldn’t have earned otherwise by the popularity of different content. NFTs can mean different values to different people. It is completely dependent on the perspective of the user. One thing is sure this Doge NFT means a lot to its new owner.