DogeChain token dumped
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DogeChain developer’s wallet noticed while dumping 2 billion native tokens, $DC

DogeChain Developer dumping 2 billion $DC immediately after launch grabbing a lot of attention in the market and also in social media channel twitter

DC dumped after the launch by Developer
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  • DogeChain developer found dumping 2 billion $DC, peaking at 1 million tokens a minute
  • The qualifying criteria for acquiring the tokens
  • Some of the users predict malpractice
  • The DogeChain foundation warning


Let’s look at a series of tweets first.


After referencing the tweet, we understand that, DogeChain went on to launch its native token recently called “$DC.” Before the launch of the news could spread and make an impact in the market, another news started spreading like a wildfire.

One of the users from twitter ZachXBT went on tweet that, a wallet started dumping around 2 billion $DC tokens as soon as it had launched. The peculiar aspect about the information was that, the wallet actually belonged to one of the developers of DogeChain.

It was further reported that, the user went on a spree selling the token. The peak rate of selling was achieved when the user went on to sell around 1 million tokens in just a minute, which certainly grab a lot of eye balls in the crypto space.

Let’s see how the $DC was being made available to the users of DogeChain.

The Qualification Criteria

On August 24, Dogechain released its DC token through an airdrop to eligible wallets. Any Dogechain wallet that had interacted with the protocol prior to August 23 met the qualification requirements. This would require integrating Dogechain protocol with Dogecoin(DOGE) liquidity.

When the DogeChain introduced $DC tokens were getting dumped by the developer, some of the critical experts in the market guessed that there was a mal practice happening. Let’s get into details on how the analysts thought it was a malpractice

The Malpractice

According to u/evelynvee (a reddit user), the tokens of DC cannot be dumped on Ethereum Blockchain. According to him, “Since connecting to the Ethereum chain costs 8 million DC tokens and requires a minimum transfer of 9 million DC tokens ($16,000), holders of DC tokens typically cannot sell them.”

The warning from DogeChain

As the news started trending in social media, the foundation board member went on to issue an warning that DogeChain is being defamed, by stating false facts by some of them in the paid media channels such as social media.


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