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Twitter makes Changes in its Spaces Tab

Twitter is one of the most popular social media apps. In today’s world, tweets have the power to challenge jurisdictions and stir arguments. Twitter has now come up with a new addition in its Spaces tab. Read the entire article to know more about the update.

About Spaces tab

This tab was introduced by Twitter in the year 2020. The sole purpose behind introducing this tab was to have live audio conversations on Twitter. There is a host who starts who start a space if he wants to speak about a certain topic or just connect with the listeners. Then gradually people can join and listen to what the host is speaking. It is also up to the host to allow someone else to give their views and let them speak on the space. The topic of discussion can be literally anything and people can join the podcast if it interests them.

Spaces Tab Update

It has been reported that Twitter is upgrading its space tab by adding podcasts. This tab is usually where live audio is used to have conversations. People join these spaces to listen to speakers who interest them.  Twitter said in a statement that you cannot box conversations in 280 characters and people do need a free space to express their views fully about a topic or issue that might interest them.

About the Upgraded Spaces Tab

With the addition of podcasts, the spaces tab has some new features. It opens with Stations, which have podcast episodes relating to a specific topic. These episodes are taken from the RSS with the help of Twitter’s social audio events and recordings. According to various reports, these podcasts will be nothing like that of Spotify and Apple Music. People will get to experience something different and intriguing.

Personalized feed

According to what Twitter has said, Twitter users will get to have a more personalized feed after this upgrade. It will get personalized based on listening preferences. These podcasts also have a rating system. The podcasts can be rated by adding a thumbs up or a thumbs down emoji. Twitter also said that these podcasts will be the trending and most interesting podcasts in the world. As per research conducted by Twitter, 45% of the people who use Twitter also listen to podcasts on a regular basis. Now, with the upgrade, Twitter will automatically suggest interesting podcasts about engaging topics that people will want to learn more about. This research was conducted in the USA.