Dogecoin to one dollar

Dogecoin becomes the focus point of memes yet again as it continues its run for one.

Dogecoin is yet again on the trending list as it becomes the axis point of memes. Following the period that was quite downhill for crypto in general, a rise in Dogecoin rates has revived the enthusiasm of the enthusiasts whose hearts were also falling with the fall in graphs. Whether Dogecoin will reach $1 is still a question with a hazy answer owing to the volubility of the cryptocurrency. However, wishful thinking is not a crime and Dogecoin enthusiasts are doing exactly that. This is very well reflected in the #DogeCoinTo1Dollar that has been trending on Twitter. After all, for a cryptocurrency that began as an internet joke, Dogecoin has indeed come a long way. And it might still have a long way to go. For now, let us just take a look at the memes.

Dogecoin to one dollar

Memes and more memes

Dogecoin is not a stranger to memes. Hence, an outburst of memes at the slightest tremor in the Doge domain is not a matter of surprise. Here are a few memes and responses on Twitter that are worth a glance.

That is pure happiness right there.

Let’s face the race now.

There is a lot of running happening

Who said “1” is the smallest number?

Let us not think about puns right now. Let us just focus on the run.

Am I the only one who is reminded of Thanos here?

Cool. Untill the graph begins to fall.

Seems like holding onto something does reap fruit.

Yes, the struggle is real folks. No sarcasm intended.

Thanos vibes yet again.

The smile of satisfaction albeit a bit weird.

Success can be fleeting. Just saying.

Does that mean we can no longer use, “the road to success?”

Moon is not that far away or is it?

Waiting for that ultimate tweet.

Isn’t that a tiny bit far-fetched?

Good one.

Dogecoin at times sounds like the strumming pattern of a ukulele. Down, Up, Down…Down, Down, up.

I do not see anyhting funny there. Do you? This is where you use the thinking emoji.

Well… debatable point. It did seem like people were a little out of breath with the prices going down.