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Dogecoin founder invests in Doge again after selling back in 2015

Dogecoin founder Billy Markus has gotta be one of the unluckiest crypto founders. While most believe in the ideology of HODLING, Billy didn’t, and he sold all his coins in 2015 to buy a HONDA. At the time, the decision seemed to be a wise one, but now, in 2021, we know it was not, as the price of Doge reached new paradigms. But now, when the market has crashed, Dogecoin founder invests in Doge again. With that, he also broke his vow of staying away from digital currencies.

Dogecoin founder invests in Doge again.

Just recently, Billy tweeted with his account, saying that he bought back Doge again. This news of the founder buying back was good news for investors. And Dogecoin saw a good price jump to 26 cents after the same. Even makers of crypto are not far away from FOMO, as we can easily see after the incident. But at least Billy didn’t buy back on the top when Doge was trading at over 70 cents. Another thing to note is that Billy didn’t give away the amount he invested.

Dogecoin (then vs now)

Dogecoin founder invests in Doge again

Back in 2013, the cryptocurrency was created as a joke that meant to mock other currencies like BTC, LTC and ETH. Billy even said he didn’t think much while making it. And it took him just a few hours as he didn’t pay any attention to security and efficiency. In fact, as he knew that the currency was nothing special, Billy and his co-founder Palmer sold very early on. For 6 years, I am pretty sure they quite never regretted their decision, but after Elon came into play, things changed.

The price has rocketed, and the new upgrades are being pushed out to the network. Elon is working on the currency and planning to increase the block size, make it more efficient, and also reduce transaction costs. These upgrades will make Dogecoin more practical and fix the issues that Billy didn’t think about when he made it. Even though the prices have dropped now, people are really not sceptical about investing in it. The sheer brand image that it has developed with the association of Elon Musk has made things great for Doge.

What are your thoughts on Dogecoin founder investing in doge again? And do you think it was FOMO that drove him? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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