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Dogecoin is back on Twitter Trending list

Occasional bursts of exhilarated enthusiasm associated with specific crypto are not new on Twitter. Every time the rollercoaster of crypto temporarily goes up, followers clamor with excitement, the echoes of which will be visible on Twitter. At the moment, the spotlight is shining bright on Dogecoin and as usual, it has rocketed to the trending list on Twitter with the routine echoes of “DOGE to the moon” reflected across Twitter town. Perhaps this occasional burst of enthusiasm is a manifestation technique curated by DOGE supporters. Read along to know more.


Echoes On Twitter

Twitter has evolved to become the sounding board for the diverse spectrum of emotions that gets unleashed frequently by crypto enthusiasts. And right now, DOGE has taken the center stage. Looks like the popular meme coin was not in the mood for a weekend off rather it has spiraled high along with SHIB. Both recorded commendable gains on Sunday. The eight percent increase recorded by DOGE is indeed a breath of fresh air for supporters given the fact that the last time DOGE climbed this high was in June. Let us flip through a couple of reactions and responses on Twitter.



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