7 Reasons Why Domino’s is Winning in India !

In the last 5 years Domino’s has come to be so popular in India that it is now the 2nd biggest market for Domino’s in the world (2nd to the US, passed up the UK).

They are starting to have a huge lead when compared to competitors.

In fact, Domino’s has a 70% share of the Indian pizza market and a 16% share or the total Quick Serve Restaurant market.

But how are they doing this?

One big reason is they are one master franchise owned by Jubilant Foods. Having one centralized entity planning and executing has enabled them to move fast.

They have a clear vision for Customizing the menu, Social engagement, Expansion and more.

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Customizing the menu for Indian palettes & culture

India is unique in that there are a lot of vegetarians. Some regions in Indian are 70%+ vegetarian. In fact, 3 of the 4 most popular pizzas are vegetarian.

The most popular meat for pizza in India is Chicken whereas in the US it’s mainly pork and beef.

This has made them customize their menu into what Indians like.

Social & Customer Engagement

With 5x the engagement on social media than the next competitor they are executing a good customer centric strategy.

Some of this is due to attractive weekly offers & coupon codes but a lot of it is how they are conversing with their customers.

They address and respond to both positive and negative comments on social media. This helps them come up more often in various networks like Facebook & Twitter and be at the forefront of attention in a positive way.

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Aggressive Store Expansion

Domino’s is growing their footprint bigger and bigger. Now with 1,000+ stores they plan to add 100-150 stores a year till 2020.

This would mean 1 out of every 7 stores Domino’s builds is in India.

The break-neck pace of this expansion is to cover more and more cities for delivery and pickup.

4 more reasons

These reasons and more are in this simple infographic on why Domino’s is winning in India:

dominos in india

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