Domino’s and Nuro are launching autonomous pizza delivery in Houston, beginning this week.

Domino’s is set to Deliver Pizza with the automated driving car
Domino's got approval to sell in Huston, though it is trail basis, it allows to research and improvise.

Domino’s is set to ring the doorbell with the automated driving Pizza delivery car.

Domino's® and Nuro Launch Autonomous Pizza Delivery with On-Road Robot
Image credits- PR Newswire

Domino’s is getting moving to deliver Pizza with the robot car for the pre-paid orders in certain areas of Houston, Texas. Furthermore, Domino’s uses the autonomous driving robot company Nuro R2 to root out the way to deliver a Pizza without contact. With The rise in demand for Pizza in this Pandemic situation, these robotic cars would satisfy the safety lines and needs of the customers.

How it works

The customers who place a pre-paid online order will get an SMS with a pin to determine the location of the Nuro R2 vehicle through GPS. Also, the electric vehicle is built up with different sensors, cameras, a microphone, and radars which make it safe on the road and from the robbery of the delivery. Furthermore,  the vehicle moves at a speed of 40kmph and with a battery capacity of 31kWh.

Besides maintaining the timeliness through self-driving cars, this enables Dominos to supply the increasing demand. The car is temporarily only on a trial basis, though customers are involved. It will enable the customers to contact Domino’s service center in care of any unexpected incidents. As said by the senior vice president of the company, this will enable them to work further on these automated cars, and eliminate the other plausible accidents.

There are other plans for the Nuro R2 vehicle to be used as a groceries delivery vehicle too. The car is designed in a very spacious manner, which wouldn’t allow for any spills or damage to the food items. As per customer’s reviews so far, most of them seem to have a smooth experience. Hence, the approval from the transportation administration of Huston came in.

Approved in Huston 

The country’s national traffic safety administration has approved Nuro R2 to come online. That is, after testing on the specific roads in Houston. But, Domino’s concedes that this process is still on test.

“There is still so much for our brand to learn about the autonomous delivery space. This program will allow us to better understand how customers respond to the deliveries. How they interact with the robot, and how it affects store operations. The rising demand for pizzas has created a greater need for prompt deliveries. This is where autonomous vehicles could potentially play a bigger role.”

Says, Dennis Maloney, Senior Vice President, and Chief Innovation Officer at Domino’s. Also, this will enable the automated car to reach out to remote areas.