Dot Collector used by Coinbase
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Dot Collector, an application that Coinbase uses to gauge the human resource in the organization

Coinbase and it’s experiment.

Coinbase and its experiment
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Coinbase is arguably one of the highest used crypto exchanges across the globe. Coinbase has built its reputation on facilitating smooth and hinderance free trade over the years. Coinbase is known to serve its users who happen to be investors of cryptocurrency. In one of the experiments, to find out the service-related issues such as customer service, and to find out the effectiveness of internal management, Coinbase held an experiment. The experiment was a simple and effective one. It asked the employees of the company to rate the other employees of the company by either giving a thumbs up or by giving a thumbs down.


Dot collector and its prominence.

Dot collector was an application invented by Ray Dalio’s hedge fund and Bridgewater Associates. The application has set its foot in Coinbase since the start of the year and has been in use by the HR and IT teams of the company. The user interface of the app is quite simple and efficient. It asks the user to rate the coworker or the manager on how well they demonstrate the 10 crore Values at coinbase. The values are not only limited to things like communications, but also include values like positive energy. The information about the co-worker can be shared by either giving a thumbs up or by giving a thumbs down. There is an option of giving neutral feedback for the co-workers in the application.


The major reason to use the app.

One of the inventors of the application Bridgewater Associates, also used the rating system in its organization. One of the primary reasons for these organizations to use inventions like Dot Collector is to have a unbiased look over the work environment, the viability of the human resource and what not. Dalio from hedge funds also went on to say that, “My Objective has been to have meaningful work and meaningful relationships with the people I work with.” To continue his statements and support them, he said that He couldn’t have attained his objective unless he had radical transparency and the algorithmic decision-making.


Writer’s Report.

It is true that coinbase really thinks about the human resource that’s working in the organization. The use of an application such as the Dot Collector is merely an attempt at understanding the bonding of the co-workers and if the people in company are facing any kind of difficulty in understanding the language of their other co-workers. All the attempts at bettering the human resource is to achieve the ultimate goal of giving a world class user experience to the users of the crypto exchange and facilitate crypto trading hinderance free.