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Dr.Fone System Repair (iOS System Recovery): The ultimate solution to fix iPhone black screen

Apple iPhones are expensive devices and we don’t want anything bad to happen to our iPhones, ever! Unfortunately, sometimes there might be hardware or software issues because of which all you see is the iPhone black screen. You can hold down your power button and volume keys all you want but the iPhone black screen of death is something that users fear because it always requires a complicated solution or in worst case scenarios, you may have to take your iPhone to a technician.

Anyhow, the first thing that pops in your head when you see the iPhone black screen is worrying about your precious data that you cannot afford to lose, right? FYI, it isn’t just the iPhone black screen that should worry you, sometimes there appears an iPhone white screen as well and both of them are real trouble, to be honest! Before you wonder about the safest and most reliable solution, understand what the iPhone black screen indicates and what problems can the iPhone white screen cause. The reason might be a hardware issue or a software issue, both of these blank screens can hamper the normal functioning of your device.

Therefore, your iPhone may be stuck in recovery mode and you might also see a black screen with just an Apple logo on it. All of these problems can cause a threat to the safety of your precious data.

However, to recover from the iPhone black screen of death, you will need to follow these five not so simple troubleshooting steps. In case you encounter an iPhone white screen issue or iPhone stuck on an Apple logo problem, you can follow the same steps to troubleshoot the error.

Five troubleshooting steps to seek iOS System repair:

  • Test for hardware issue
  • Battery problem/Drained battery
  • Restore iPhone using iTunes on Windows/Mac
  • Faulty app crash- Contact Apple Store
  • Force restart to fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode

As mentioned before, these steps might seem complicated to an average user who is not a big ‘tech guy’ and ultimately might damage his/her iPhone even more.

Now, the ultimate solution and the easiest and safest way to fix iPhone black screen is to use Dr. Fone- System Repair (iOS System Recovery).


Why Choose Dr.Fone System Repair (iOS System Recovery)?

  1. Fix all your iPhone problems like a pro, be it an iPhone white screen issue or any of the below mentioned problems. Wondershare Dr.Fone System Repair (iOS) has made the solution process extremely simple and easy to use. It is an absolute piece of cake for any user even without any technical skills per say. 
  • iPhone stuck in recovery mode
  • iPhone white screen of death
  • iPhone Boot Loop
  • iPhone keeps restarting
  • iPhone stuck in DFU mode
  • iPhone Frozen
  • iPhone error 4013 etc.

Fix iOS System without Data Loss. If you choose to restore your iPhone using iTunes after you are stuck with an iPhone black screen of death or any of the above-mentioned problems, stay rest assured that all of your data will be lost as soon as you “Restore” your device using iTunes. 

On the other hand, Dr.Fone System Repair will keep your data intact and fix most of these issues without any data loss. Your most convenient solution to fix iOS system is just a few simple steps away.

How to fix iOS System Issues?

Well, Dr.Fone offers two separate Repair Modes to fix iOS system:

  • Standard Mode
  • Advanced Mode

Standard Mode involves common iPhone problems that cause iPhone black screen issue or the iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo. With standard mode, Dr.Fone System Repair (iOS) can fix most iOS system issues without any data loss. If your iPhone encounters a problem that can be fixed with Dr. Fone’s Standard System Repair, users can enjoy using their iPhone like normal with all of their data intact.

Advanced Mode, on the other hand, is able to fix more serious and complex iOS system issues. However, if your iPhone is stuck with a major issue, Advanced Mode will fix iOS system but will erase all data available on the device and boot it as a new device.

Anyhow, in both of these scenarios, Dr.Fone System Repair (iOS System Recovery) stands out from all other solutions available in the market. Restoring iPhone for even the most common issues like iPhone white screen or screen freeze will erase all your personal data from the device and other solutions can be too complicated for an average user to try and repair their precious iPhones.

Tips by Dr.Fone to avoid iPhone black screen of death and other similar issues

  • Always check your battery health percentage and battery performance every once in a while.
  • Install apps only from Apple App Store.
  • Avoid Jailbreaking devices.
  • Use Dr.Fone- System Repair (iOS) to fix iOS system to normal



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