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Draftkings are launching an entire NFT ecosystem

NFT popularity is off the charts now. Every day new companies are embracing the technology and revealing exchanges or their own collectables. And now, even the Draftkings are launching an entire NFT ecosystem and an exchange. They will primarily allow their users to trade NFTs based on “sports, entertainment and culture.” Those who already use the fantasy sports betting site will be able to directly access the NFT market.

The NFT marketplace

The NFT marketplace will be formed by Draftkings in partnership with the company Autograph. Autograph is providing the content for the NFT marketplace, while Draftkings will be the distributor. All in all, this partnership seems great and will also lead to the first sports NFT releases. Reports suggest that there will be a special collection featuring legendary athletes from Autograph’s list. There will be other NFTs, too, but those won’t be as exclusive as this one.

Draftkings are launching an entire NFT ecosystem

A rather interesting idea that we have heard is the sports betting NFTs. The company has not yet told us how they are going to work and put both of them together, but it might happen. This could lead to even more popularity in the NFT market, as we all know how much people love betting.

This is a great idea.

NFTs are so popular that anyone doing business in the space is a great idea, but this is a particularly good one. This is because the NFL season is very near and will boost media coverage regarding sports. At the time, having sports NFTs in the markets will be a real plus. Anyone with the money and love for the famous stars Autograph’s been working with will surely buy one such NFT. The volumes are expected to rise, and so are the profits of the company Draftkings.

What do you think about NFT popularity as even Draftkings is launching an entire NFT ecosystem? And do you think their sports NFTs are a good idea? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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