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Zoom introduces third-party app integrations in video calls


Source: VentureBeat

Zoom, the video conferencing platform has become our primary, go-to application for video calls and this happened majorly during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Zoom was clearly essential during the pandemic-induced lockdowns when everyone was working from home and this was the only way to effectively communicate with co-workers, employees, friends, and family. Zoom has revolutionized video conferencing for all of us and now, new updates and features are rolling in to make our lives even better.

According to recent reports, Zoom is making sure that it is not losing its relevance as things go back to the previous state of normalcy. Pandemic-led lockdowns have mostly been lifted and offices have begun to reopen, people are going back to their life that includes, meeting in person and not having the need to video call. On that front, Zoom is introducing a new feature that enables third-party app integrations in video calls. This feature will allow users to use apps like Dropbox Spaces and Asana while in an active Zoom call.

As mentioned in a report by Engadget, Zoom has recently made 50 plugins available for users that you can add to your clients. The new Apps side panel is placed at the bottom of the screen, just under the ‘Discover’ tab that allows you to check out the new integrated apps.

Zoom has introduced third-party app integration in video calls and it can enhance your video calling experience significantly and add up to the productivity, if you are in a workplace meeting. For instance, the Asana plugin once integrated into your Zoom call can allow you to create, edit and assign tasks from within the application itself, without you having to leave the Zoom call.

Furthermore, Zoom has made its Events hub available today and the idea behind the concept is to keep its services growing so that it can continue on the path of success that it established during the COVID-19 pandemic. The video conferencing app is widely used across organizations and being the administration, the company can always limit your access to Zoom, limiting the third-party applications that you can install.

In order to make this app integration easier, the video calling application has added Zoom Marketplace to let us see what’s available in Zoom’s integrated app store, for download. The idea is to keep Zoom relevant even after the effects of the pandemic come to an end. The app has already made its way to become our go-to default app, but the competition is fierce. Every other platform including Microsoft Teams, Apple’s Facetime, and Google Meet is becoming better and better with every update and it is right for Zoom to be lost in all of this.


Thus, the only way to survive in a fierce market is either to expand or introduce new features that make users’ life better with video calling.



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