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Drone Technology Start-up Sprays Fertilizer Over Farmland
SkyLane Dronetech on Thursday said it has sprayed fertilizer over 4,000 acres of agricultural land with the help of a drone

Skylane Dronetech is a start-up that focuses on the production and sales of drone technology. They try to innovate the drone to maximises its uses. Recently, the company showcased the range of potential that drones have by spraying fertilizers all over farm land that spans and area of 4000 acres using their drones.

The founder and the chief executive officer made an announcement saying that the company was able to successfully spray fertilizers over farm lands in the Madhya Pradesh towns of Khargone, Raisen, Shajapur, Rajgarh, Guna and Gwalior. He said that this was done so that they can do a deal that will be worth Rs. 12.5 lakhs.

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SkyLane Dronetech private limited is a start-up that is based in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The company was founded just over half a year ago, in September of 2021. The company provides drones but mainly does services using the drones, such as for agricultural uses as stated earlier, for sanitisation of urban areas, and for content creation. Currently, the company has an arsenal of 6 drones.

The company even announced that they will soon be the Indian healthcare industry by using their drones to make quick and crucial delivers.

Over the past few years, drones have been gaining massive popularity as it has entered the main stream market. Previously, drones were mainly used by military forces around the world. Drones were compact, small, and sturdy. They could enter restricted areas and get crucial footage of the enemy areas. They can even be used to drop bombs and other explosives. Drones are used a lot for this militaries. They can also be used to capture footage. Before drones, people used to take footage on helicopters which is expensive, over the top and sometimes the quality just wouldn’t be there. But with drones, they can be controlled from the ground, a top quality 4k camera can be installed and content can be shot very easily. Movies and production companies have also started using drone shots for scenic views or other hard to shoot scenes.

Drones are now available to the consumer nowadays as many companies are building them for the people. But this has caused some legal problems. Drones can cause invasion of privacy as they can fly and spy on people’s homes without their consent or anyone knowing. Many countries have banned them or have placed heavy restrictions on them.

Skylane Drontech has shone the potential of drones used commercially, and as they plan to upsize their arsenal by 10, the involvement drones in Indian businesses are going to go up.