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e-cigarette Manufacturing Company Juul Takes FDA To Court

e-cigarette Manufacturing Company Juul Takes FDA To Court

e-cigarette Manufacturing Company Juul Takes FDA To Court

Juul Labs has taken the US Food and Drug Administration to court for not sharing with it the documents the regulator has used to ban the e-cigarette company. The regulatory body had announced the banning of Juul labs in the month of June this year. Juul labs aim to provide an alternative to regular cigarettes.

The Allegations By Juul

The e-cigarette manufacturing company has alleged that the regulatory body of abusing its power in withholding the research-based information it relied on to ban its products. Juul labs has said that the material would help it understand the deliberations supporting and going against the ban of its products. The e-cigarette manufacturer claims that using its e-cigarettes would help cigarette consumers shun them eventually.

Reportedly, Juul in a statement said that the public should be apprised of the discussions on the topics, which led the regulatory body to decide on ban. The public deserves a complete picture of the scientific facts behind one of the agency’s most controversial and closely scrutinized decisions in recent years,” Juul said.

The company has termed the banning controversial. FDA has not commented on the matter.

Reportedly, Juul could not elicit any response from the regulatory body in response to an appeal, the deadline of which lapsed on September 13. The ban on its e-cigarettes was stayed on June 24 by a federal court. The regulatory body FDA had also allowed Juul to sell its products in the following month July.

Attempt To Settle Dispute With States

The e-cigarette company had decided to settle the cases of impropriety where the company is accused of luring teenagers to use its products, which the company managed through improper sales and marketing practices. The company agreed to pay 438.5 million dollars to settle the claims.

Competitive Nicotine Experience

Juul which aims to provide a competitive nicotine experience to its users claims that its products are consumed by one billion people. The company aims to help regular combustible nicotine consumers shift to e-cigarettes to quit. Juul says that those looking to consume non-nicotine products should refrain from using its products.

It also aims to provide alternatives to nicotine consumers who are not thinking to quit. The company which is based in Washington was founded in the year 2007. The e-cigarettes contain nicotine which in turn comes from tobacco.




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