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E3 2022 Will Again Be Online-Only

E3 2022, like E3 2021, will be an Online-Only event, although ESA hopes to host a private event in 2022 last year. According to ESA, due to the ongoing pandemic, E3 2022 will only be an online event. As mentioned earlier, this is the second year in a row that E3 has become purely digital again. E3 2022 will return to online format this year due to health and safety concerns associated with the ongoing wave of Omicron. E3 only went online in 2021 after being canceled in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

E3 2022

Credit @ ESA

ESA has not hosted the show in person since E3 2019, as E3 2020 and E3 2021 were purely online businesses. While we started to personally observe events like PAX West and, more recently, The Game Awards in late 2021, it looks like the current surge in infections, mainly due to the Omicron variant, has personally sunk the event this year by ESA. For the third consecutive year, the world’s most talked-about annual video game event will not be hosted in person.

E3 2022 will also be held on the Internet, especially regarding the emergence of a new wave of cases and new variants, Due to the continuing health risks associated with COVID-19 and its coming impact on the safety of exhibitors and visitors are the most important thing so, the E3 will not be held in person in 2022. Due to recent developments in COVID quarantine thanks to Omnicron and other factors.

At the 2021 E3 exhibition, the exhibition was broadcast as a “Global Interaction” online event for the first time, but not the last. E3 2022 was originally planned to be held this year as a personal event as ESA announced in April 2020 that it plans to use the online route only for E3 2021. People were expecting E3 2022 to be the first event since 2019 to be held in person, as the COVID-19 pandemic and its many variations since then have made holding such a large gathering dangerous over the past two years.

E3 2022

During the peak of the coronavirus infection, events in 2020 were also canceled. After many companies, including Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Meta, etc., withdrew due to health issues, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) was also forced to shorten its annual CES 2022 event by one day. This year’s Grammy Awards Ceremony is such an event, it has been postponed from January 21, 2022, and this time the Sundance Film Festival has also adopted an online-only format.

Many big events are on the verge of either postponement or completely transitioning to virtual format due to the new strains of Covid-19 causing a massive spike in cases events like New York Comic Con was hosted in person last year but this year it seems highly likely. The recent Omicron version of COVID has forced most convention organizers to only use online or hybrid for upcoming events this year. The typical E3, dedicated to the gaming software, entertainment, and consoles industry, attracts about 70,000 visitors and hundreds of exhibitors (it is estimated that in 2019, the last in-person event was attended by about 66,000 people).

E3 always takes place sometime in early June, but ESA has yet to set dates for the next show. E3 usually takes place around mid-June of each year, so it remains to be seen if COVID will still be a problem or if regulations and restrictions will still be in effect by then, but with ESA shutting off electricity now, this will not be possible. For companies to do a show later. Making an early decision to host an event online will help guard against possible last-minute changes that could be triggered by an unexpected wave of COVID-19 in the future. As for whether they will be organizing an online event (as in 2021) or skipping it altogether (as in 2020), it is unclear.





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