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EA Announces Battlefield Mobile Game, Coming To Smartphones In 2022

EA Announces Battlefield Mobile Game, In 2022

In a surprising turn of events, Electronic Arts have announced the release of Battlefield Mobile, a mobile version of its popular Battlefield game, due out in 2022. The development of “Battlefield Mobile” is led by EA, which acquired the company in 2018, as well as the development of the game itself.

DICE, which has been responsible for the development of Battlefield Games for years, will meanwhile act as a partner for the upcoming mobile title. EA has just announced that the mobile game Battlefield is in development and will be released in 2022, allowing players to access the battlefield on the go. While the game’s development time may turn some heads, it’s a good sign for fans of this explosive franchise who have been waiting for Battlefield 5.

While the Battlefield franchise has always been tied to consoles and PCs, EA and DICE have always dreamed of making the experience on the go. Battlefield Mobile will be a stand-alone game and not tied to the most important Battlefield PC or console games. It is being developed by the EAs Mobile Division, a division of Electronic Arts Entertainment Group (EA).

In a blog post, DICE CEO Oskar Gabrielsonviavia announced that the new Battlefield Mobile game would come sometime in 2022. He also described the game as a capability – based on experiences that were built from scratch, presumably to optimize mobile gameplay.

Battlefield has long been one of EA’s top franchises, and now we have new details around the next entry in the series, which will be released later this year. The move comes as no surprise, as mobile gaming has experienced an upswing in recent years. With dominance in an ever-growing market, it is easy to understand why developers are increasingly pushing to enter the mobile sector.

EA has revealed that the series will be released on mobile devices for the first time, and the publisher has already confirmed that a sequel will be released later this year. What we didn’t expect was the announcement of a brand new mobile game that brings these themes to handheld devices for the first time – for the first time ever. The mobile games are independent projects that are not tied to the main series.

Battlefield Mobile is developed by the same team that is also responsible for all the other battlefield iterations. The mobile version is being developed in collaboration with EA Mobile, EA’s mobile division.
According to DICE manager Oskar Gabrielson, the game is described as a “stand-alone skill-based experience from the ground up.” Battlefield Mobile will be a standalone game, which means that Crossplay will not be a viable option, unlike recently announced Apex Legends Mobile. IToys is building Battlefield Go from the ground up to make it a reality, so you can expect a full-fledged skill-based experience.

How this will affect market share remains to be seen, as established mobile Battle Royale games such as League of Legends and Apex Legends currently dominate.

The developer EA DICE has a long history of working on Games, collaborating on games such as Battlefield 1, Part 2 of the franchise, and the third iteration as well as the upcoming Battlefield 5. EA’s next mobile battlefield game, Battlefield 5, will be released in 2021.

Electronic Arts scoffed that the game will take everything fans love about Battlefield to the next level with new features, new maps, and a whole lot of new content.

EA is also working on a new game, which is due to be released in 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita. Whether these modes will be transferred to the usual games on PC and console remains to be seen. The unveiling of the game is imminent, but we will have to wait and see what is in it.

DICE has revealed the biggest development team ever to work on this title, raising huge expectations for fans of the upcoming title.


We are pleased to let you know that our Industrial Toys friends, who work closely with us here at DICE, are developing a completely new game that will bring everyone – from warfare to smartphones and tablets – in 2022. Gabrielson reveals: “Right now we’re in daily test mode, and we’re polishing, balancing, and making the best games we can.

One for consoles and PCs, but completely designed for mobile platforms and completely different from any other game they’ve made.

The mobile game is now going into a test phase before the start of next year, so we expect further details. We are pleased to announce that it is probably a bit closer to release, but we are still in the early stages of development and testing.



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