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EA Is Reportedly Looking To Merge With Another Company

EA was said to have been actively seeking to sell or merge the company, including one that eventually fell through. Electronic Arts, aka EA, is reportedly looking at mergers or takeover deals with entertainment conglomerates such as Disney and Amazon. Amid a trend of mergers and acquisitions currently taking place in the gaming industry, EA is reportedly talking to other large companies such as Disney, Apple, and Amazon to potentially acquire it.

EA Merge

Credit @ EA

According to several news reports, Electronic Arts is aggressively seeking mergers or sales and has been talking with companies such as Comcast affiliate NBCUniversal lately. A new report comes from Puck, who claims Electronic Arts is having discussions with some of the biggest companies in tech regarding a possible sale or merger. The publication’s sources say that although the merger has fallen through, EA is still interested in selling, and has been talking with other companies including Disney, Apple, and Amazon. Want is part of a larger story on Comcast-NBCUniversal CEO Bryan Roberts, noting that Electronic Arts had been seeking to merge with NBCUniversal and that although that deal fell through, EA is still trying to find a buyer.

NBCUniversal has reportedly nearly merged with Electronic Arts, with Comcast chief Bryan Roberts ostensibly approaching EA chief Andrew Wilson with the offer of merging the entertainment media company with the game giant. Brian Roberts, a family member of Comcast-NBCUniversal CEO, would have taken over majority ownership of EA, with EA CEO Andrew Wilson remaining in charge of Electronic Arts. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts has reportedly proposed a potential merger, which, had it gone through, would have seen Roberts stay in control, while the current EA CEO, Andrew Wilson, will be the head of a bigger company.

The merger would give Roberts majority control over video game publisher EA, with Wilson maintaining his role as chief executive. It is not clear who is interested in fully buying out EA or looking at merging, but if a merger occurs, EA is looking for an arrangement that allows Andrew Wilson to continue to serve as CEO of the combined company. EA is said to be inspired by the Microsoft sales analogy and is reportedly seeking a deal that allows EAs chief executive, Andrew Wilson, to stay on as chief executive at whichever company ultimately ends up buying EA. According to a report, Bryan Roberts, the chief executive of Comcast, the parent company of NBCUniversal, approached EAs chief executive, Andrew Wilson, with the proposal of merging EA and NBCUniversal.



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