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eBay announces plans to accept crypto as payments

Just yesterday, eBay tweeted that they are planning to accept crypto as payments in the near future. And not just that the company is also looking forward to getting into the complete market but also adding NFTs on their platform. This shows crypto is getting big, and every day, new companies are getting in on the game. It all started with Tesla when they made a $1.5 billion investment back in Feb 2021. And from there, every other day, we hear about some new company doing something in the crypto space.

eBay plans to add crypto as payments

eBay to accept crypto as payments

eBay is one of the largest e-commerce platforms for used items in the west. People use it a lot, and it is a big deal that a company of that size and reach add crypto as payments. The company said that they keep a close eye on all the payment methods that get popular. At present, they have no near-term plan of adding it to their platform, but eBay is keeping a close eye on the same. The CEO of the company said that they are looking into the same and might act on it soon.

The company hasn’t been doing particularly well recently, and the profit forecast of the company is also weak. Therefore, getting in on NFTs and crypto will be a great way to get some profits and keep money flowing. People already turn to eBay to get their hands on rare items, and it is an opportunity for the company to the extent that rare collection digitally.

The growing interest in crypto!

As time passes, the market of crypto is getting more mature. Bigger and well-known companies are putting their money into the sector and also adding it as a payment method on their platform. There are few companies that have already embraced crypto and many are on their way of doing that. Tesla accepts Bitcoin as payments, the rocket store accepts Doge as payment and there are many others like this. Very soon we could see sudden surge in numbers where every company starts to accept cryptocurrencies as payment methods.

What are your thoughts on eBay adding crypto as payments on their platform? And do you think that it will happen anytime soon? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like it and share it with your friends.

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