Edtech start-up, Brainly bags $80 million funding in Series D round led by Learn Capital

Source: Google Play

Brainly is an online learning platform that enables students and their parents to learn through answering homework questions and other activities along with receiving direct peer support from experts as well.

Recently, the education technology start-up has announced to raise USD 80 million in its latest Series D funding round led by U.S.-based Venture Capital firm, Learn Capital.

Brainly is a Poland-based peer-to-peer learning company that allows middle school and high school students to ask their educational doubts and queries to a community filled with a mix of parents, teachers and students.

The funding round also witnessed participation from existing investors including MantaRay, B2B SaaS firm, Runa Capital, General Catalyst Partners and South-African investment company, Prosus Ventures.

The edtech start-up was founded back in 2009 by Tomasz Kraus, Lukasz Haluch and Michal Borkowski. Brainly is aimed to help students to learn better with developing skills to interact in a collaborative community.

The company aims to provide peer-to-peer direct education without putting in business, the school or any other learning institutions.

According to Michal Borkowski, co-founder, Brainly mentioned in a statement saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the growth of the start-up and has become a default platform for students and parents to ask away their problems on a global community of experts.

The company has its presence in India with over 50 million users and all across the United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Latin America and Russia.

The company claims to have included gamification features on its platform for ranks and motivational notes.

As unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic has been, it urged a new wave of digitisation with schools, colleges and other educational venues still being closed under government guidelines, at least in India. Education is one aspect of children’s lives that cannot be compromised at any cost and this enabled the scope for online education.

Brainly focuses directly on the students and parents instead of signing contracts with schools and other institutions, this is one thing that sets it apart from the gruelling competition in the market. Edtech space promises a lot of potential in the near future of online communications and this has caught the attention of investors.

Co-founder Michal mentioned in a statement saying that the start-up has witnessed a significant boost in growth over the past six-seven months, thanks to the new wave of digitisation that has enabled more smartphone adaptability and 4G internet at affordable rates in India.