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Bridgestone India backs fleet management company, Fleeca India

Bridgestone India

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Bridgestone India is a global tyre and rubber company that has recently announced to invest an undisclosed sum of funding in fleet management company, Fleeca India.

A fleet operator is any person who is owning and operating a fleet of at least 10 cars in his coverage area, providing vehicles for business purposes to enterprises, rental services etc. and a fleet does not involve holding cars for retail purposes.

Fleeca India is a fleet management firm that aims to provide the highest level of service to its customers. The start-up leverages innovative technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of tyres used by fleet operators.

Bridgestone India has recently invested in the fleet management start-up with the aim that it will strengthen its digital-based mobility solutions. The tyre making company will have several benefits from this investment that will enable them to provide quality tyre services across various verticals as Feleeca already has an established service infrastructure across India.

India has been going through a digital shift and with the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic situations, digitalisation in India has boosted by almost 10 years. Every start-up and every company is harnessing the power of technology and shifting their businesses online to cater their services to large audiences across the nation.

Having said that, Digital-based mobility solutions are the need of the hour without which the industry will remain stagnant in this fast-moving digital India. Consumer preferences are changing and mobility services should adapt to it in order to survive.

Bridgestone India is a leading tyre maker that regularly changes its business model to stay relevant in the market and provide its customers with more convenient mobility solutions and this investment will definitely boost the company’s growth plans, according to analysts.


Source: ET Auto

Fleeca India mentioned in a press release that digital mobility services gain more importance as traditionally fleet operators used the “Pay per Km” model to run their business when it comes to procurement of tyres, according to The Economic Times.

However, digitising this model will benefit fleet owners to maximise their total cost of ownership and Fleeca India leverages such solutions to capitalise in the market.


Furthermore, such solutions greatly benefit fleet owners and operators in cost-cutting and leaves them with a greater profit in hand. Services provided by start-ups like Fleeca India monitors the entire lifecycle of the tyre, from the day it was fitted in the fleet vehicle to the day it is scrapped. The company also takes certain measures and solutions to enhance the workable life of the tyre and improve its efficiency in running, mentioned Bridgestone India in a statement.




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