Edtech Start-up Cuemath Raises $57Million in Latest Round of Funding
Cuemath’s fundraise comes at a time when the edtech sector in India is witnessing a significant slowdown.


Cuemath, an Indian based start-up company recently announced that the company has just successfully raised funds amounting $ 57 million USD in their latest round of funding. This round was primarily led by Alpha Wave. Prior to the round the company was valued at $ 407 million USD. According to the company, after this heavily successful round, their value has more than doubled.

Many other venture capitalists and fund management companies also took part in this round including Lightrock India, Sequoia Capital India, and many others according to official sources from the company.

cuemath by NDTV

Cuemath is a start-up company in the educational tech industry. The company has grown to have well over 2 lakh students spanning across 70 countries including India. Cuemath solely teaches mathematics to their students and unlike many edtech companies their classes and private and done one on one to ensure the student learns, and grows and is academically successful.

Cuemath has gone on to gain great reviews and their customers look at the company has a supplementary source of knowledge rather the banking on it as their main source of math education. The company was founded 9 years ago back in 2013 and its head office is situated in Bangalore, Karnataka.

The company’s spokes people said that they will utilize this fresh batch of funds by first improving their pedagogy and also look at avenues to grow the company including potential investments and acquisitions.

They also look to expand and scale up their operations internationally and enter the ed tech industry in over a hundred countries across the globe, and look to have a strong presence in every region and in all continents. They plan to scale up their business as soon as possible this fiscal year.

The ed tech industry in India has already burst its bubble and many companies in the industry has gone on to lay off scores of employees and some have even shut down their operations entirely. Close to 4000 employees have lost their jobs in the ed tech industry in 2022 alone. The industry hit a peak during the covid pandemic when all educational institutions were closed and hence these companies were able to fill the gap and grow exponentially.

However, Cuemath has gone against what many companies are doing and has gone on and received a massive investment as they look to branch out and rule the ed tech industry not just in India but all across the world.