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EdTech start-up, iNSTRUCKO raises undisclosed funds in pre-Series A round


Source: Twitter

English language learning through skills platform, iNSTRUCKO has recently announced to raise an undisclosed amount of funding in its pre-Series A funding round.

The funding round witnessed participation from multiple global investors such as Venture Capital firm, MVK Group, Virgin Group along with several Venture Capitalist firms from Switzerland, London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

As important as English is as a communicating language in India and elsewhere, it is not so well-taught in schools. iNSTRUCKO is an Education Technology start-up that brings the solution by being the world’s first professional language learning platform.

The platform provides on-on-learning tailored language lessons to children aged between 3 and 12 years old where the foundation of any language is established.

The company was founded in 2020 itself by Devvaki Aggarwal who started the company with a vision to provide one-on-one language learning skills to students through experience and tailor-made programs.

When asked about the latest funding, the company mentioned that this latest infusion of funds will be used to expand iNSTRUCKO’s customer-base and operations across the UK, India, Singapore and the Middle East. The company also mentions building more interactive content for students along with expanding its partnerships with educational institutions in India and abroad, such as Eton College in England.

At the nascent stage of 3 to 12 years of age, the child’s brain is considered as a blank slate and iNSTRUCKO makes sure to fill the brains of these children with educational content, social, emotional and cognitive skills.

The edTech platform aims to provide interactive digital content by onboarding professional teachers from Ivy League universities and colleges, such as Oxford and Cambridge. As easy as teaching a bunch of 3-year-olds sound, it is a time-consuming job with a lot of responsibility involved.

UK-based iNSTRUCKO has main offices in Mumbai, Delhi and London and aims to foster a life-long skill for learning. Teachers are instructed to give honest feedback on the platform and also have provision to make tailor-made learning programs for children for better understanding and learning.

While in India, English as a language is taught to children but it doesn’t actually translate well into strong and confident oratory skills. Not just this, the student to teacher ratio in the Indian education system is 1:30, more or less, every child is different, each one needs his/her own time to grasp the language and understand. In this case, individuality takes a back seat which hampers the child’s individual skill set and learning capabilities.

iNSTRUCKO take care of all these flaws and aims to deliver the best, one-on-one English learning experience to children to help them grow with social, emotional and better cognitive skills.






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