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Effortless Instagram Content Planning with Free Combin Scheduler

Do you want to schedule posts on Instagram to save time for something more important? It is daunting to build an Instagram content strategy for hours. And when you’re run out of time, quality posts, right hashtags, and engaging captions are not that easy to come up with. 

Nobody wants to get up on Sunday morning to upload the next video or think on a caption. So you’re looking for a solution that will do all the Instagram content publishing job for you automatically. 

What are the advantages of such software? 

  1. You save time. 
  2. You have time to think through your content strategy. 
  3. You always post at the right time even if your audience is diverse. 
  4. You can publish content and tailor the strategy from your desktop. 
  5. You build consistency with ease.
  6. You can create better captions. 
  7. You can store all your content in one place without transferring it back and forth.
  8. You can control how your entire feed looks like in advance and make edits if needed.   
  9. You can run multiple campaigns and accounts. 

Planning solutions support all these and help you create an engaging Instagram content in an instant. Even 20 minutes are enough to plan a month of Instagram posts and stories! 

Free Combin Scheduler is the perfect tool for this. 

Combin Scheduler enables you to schedule Instagram posts and stories and publish them instantly. You can choose these three options:

  • Instagram story
  • Instagram post
  • Repost

The app allows you to automatically manage up to 15 profiles for absolutely free of charge. This app is useful for companies, agencies, influencers, and entrepreneurs. You can use Combin Scheduler on Mac, Windows PC and Linux laptops.

How do I schedule Instagram posts with free Combin Scheduler?

The publication process within Combin Scheduler is impressively easy: 

  1. Open the Combin Scheduler app.
  2. Click on ‘Add New post’.

Here you upload a photo, create an engaging caption, set location, add hashtags and publication date and time.

The app also has the hashtag management: you can store the hashtags you typically use in different groups and utilise them on demand. 

Furthermore, there’s the Link in Bio field where you can add a clickable custom link that will appear in your Instagram bio automatically as long as the post or a story goes live. That saves a lot of time since you don’t need to change the link manually each time you make a post. 

  1. Press ‘Create’. 

As soon as you press it, the post will go live on Instagram. 

The app also allows you to view the Instagram feed design after planning the posts. Users typically need about 8 seconds to decide if they find your Instagram appealing. With free Combin Scheduler, you can see if your grid layout looks good and all the posts match each other aesthetically. 

Other features of free Combin Scheduler

  1. Instagram stories scheduling. 

You can upload one or multiple stories at a time and plan them in one click. 

  1. Publishing is fully automated. 
  2. Image size editing. 
  3. Locations tagging.
  4. Hashtags management.
  5. Accounts tagging. 
  6. Link in bio. 
  7. Instagram reposting
  8. 15 Instagram accounts management. 

Combin Scheduler Pricing

The Combin Scheduler app is absolutely free of charge! You don’t have to pay for any plans or upgrade after the trial period – there are simply none of these! 

You can download free Combin Scheduler on your PC or Mac and start creating better Instagram content than your competitors. And in combination with Combin Growth, an Instagram marketing and targeting tool, Combin Scheduler becomes even more useful. 



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