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Elon Musk becomes the second richest man, Twitter reacts with memes.

Talk about success, we’ve all got a new example. Elon Musk has climbed all the ladders and become the second richest man in the world also to mention, met Bill Gates on the way and left him behind.

The 49-year-old entrepreneur’s net worth soared $7.2 billion to $127.9 billion. It happened with another surge in Tesla’s share price. Statistics show that Elon has now added $100.3 billion to his net worth this year.The rise in Elon Musk’s wealth has ranked because of Tesla. Tesla’s market value is now approaching towards $500 billions.

Twitter reacts with memes about Elon Musk

While the world is congratulating Elon Musk with appreciation and praises. On the other hand, Twitter is reacting with hilarious memes.

We’re wondering if Elon Musk will ever check out the memes he is being tagged into, but probably not cause he might be busy counting notes.




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