Elon Musk

Elon Musk Godfather tweet pushes Dogecoin to 30 cents

Elon Musk is back with his weekly dose of Doge tweet that pushes the price every time, and this time, it’s a reference to The Godfather. As the popularity of Dogecoin surged, the coin made an all-time high of 45 cents. But after that, the prices have consolidated a bit and dropped by 50% in under a week. But does that stop the techno king of Tesla from tweeting about it? Hell no! Musk has again managed to push the price of Doge to 30 cents in under 1 hour of the tweet.

Elon ruling the dogecoin market.

From the time Elon started Dogecoin, it became popular. And every time he tweeted about it, the price increased by 10,20,30,40,50% and even more. His constant enthusiasm behind the currency has shown that he believes in its future. It also depicts that Dogecoin could actually go mainstream. Yes, it will still be considered funny but will be valued as a proper digital coin with proper use and applications.

After his most latest tweet, people started calling him the Godfather of Dogecoin or the Dogefather what he tweeted. Many even made some cool images and replied with that on his tweet. I remember once he tweeted those who own the memes rule the world. And now we can see what he meant by that. Every single tweet of Elon has enough firepower to change the trajectory of the market, and for anyone getting started with crypto investment, especially short term, it is important to keep an eye out for his tweets.

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