Elon Musk repeats his offer to eat Happy Meal on TV if McDonald's accept the Dogecoin
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Elon Musk repeats his offer to eat Happy Meal on TV if McDonald’s accept the Dogecoin

Twitter CEO and Tesla chief Elon Musk on January 25 reaffirmed that he will eat McDonald’s Happy Meal on TV if the outlet accepts his favourite cryptocurrency, Dogecoin, as payment. This is his second offer, as Musk made a similar offer last year. However, the fast food chain McDonald’s did not accept the offer a year ago.

In replying to Elon Musk, the corporation said that it will do so if electric car manufacturing company Tesla “accepts grimacecoin.” McDonald’s tweeted, “Only if Tesla accepts grimacecoin.” Grimace is the purple blob character used by McDonald’s for marketing and advertising. Grimacecoin was born as a meme cryptocurrency after funny Twitter interactions between Elon Musk and McDonald’s. It is a fluffy, purple character who tags along with Ronald McDonald’s in the company’s commercials and advertisements.

Elon Musk Will Eat a Happy Meal on TV if McDonald's Accepts DOGE
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The entire matter surfaced in the media after Elon Musk replied to a Twitter user who asked if the offer was still open. A Twitter user named DogeDesigner tweeted, “Is this offer still open?” Musk, in his reply, reaffirmed the offer with an emoji on the micro-blogging platform. Musk responded to the question with the “100” emoji, indicating he is still willing to eat a Happy Meal on TV if McDonald’s accepts his preferred crypto for payments.

While last January’s tweet helped send DOGE on a 20% rally, the meme token is responding to Musk’s 2023 offer less dramatically. DOGE is trading for $0.0868 at time of writing, up 0.58% over the last 24 hours. While McDonald’s has not expressed interest in accepting DOGE as a payment, the Golden Arches has filed 10 trademark applications indicating plans to sell virtual goods in the metaverse within the last year.

This is Why Elon Musk Supports Dogecoin
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Following the interaction between the McDonald’s Twitter account and Musk in January last year, grimacecoin (GRIMACE), a crypto token that has nothing to do with either McDonald’s or Musk, was launched. At the time of writing, each grimacecoin is trading at $0.5879. Musk, who is known in the meme crypto community as the Dogefather, has long been a supporter of dogecoin. His electric car company, Tesla, currently accepts DOGE for some merchandise, and Musk has said that Spacex will follow suit. Moreover, his Boring Company accepts DOGE payments for some rides.

The billionaire previously revealed that he personally owns bitcoin, ether, and dogecoin. He said in June last year that he will keep buying and supporting DOGE. In July, he confirmed that Tesla has not sold any DOGE, and in November, he said: “Dogecoin to the Moon.”