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Elon Musk reveals 1st Starship super heavy booster

The most important development to reach Space is going to be SpaceX’s Starship super heavy booster. We have already seen the starships multiple times but this is the first time that Elon has revealed another important development that goes along with it. The super heavy will be very important to take the starships off the planet. And will be an integral part of exploring deep space in the future. It is definitely the key to go to Mars.

The Starship super heavy booster

Elon Musk recently shared the image of the 1st Starship super heavy booster. He said that this booster will be a pathfinder and will help them understand how to manufacture and transport a 70-meter tall stage. And once they have everything figured out the 2nd booster will fly. It will be interesting to see what kind of testing happens with the super heavy booster and will they actually conduct a test to outer space.

SpaceX will use the Starship coupled with the super heavy booster to carry payloads to the moon and Mars. Another important thing about the booster is that it will be completely reusable just like the Falcon 9 and hence will be effective in saving manufacturing costs and improve launch frequency. Every booster will land back vertically on Earth, the same way the Falcon rockets do. And they will be capable enough to do multiple launches every day.

The main use of the superheavy will be to get off Earth. This is because the starship is already very powerful to carry itself off the Moon and Mars. But due to the huge size of Earth and its colossal gravitational force, we will need an additional force to take the Starship off the planet, as on its own it won’t be able to generate escape velocity.

The launch plan of the booster

SpaceX plans to conduct a launch test by the end of June or July this year. This will be a major step for SpaceX and if everything goes well then the Mars missions will stay on track. The Starships are almost ready and have constantly improved in every iteration. And I am pretty sure that the SN11 will be able to land on its feet and will be a complete success. By 2023, if the booster is also ready then we are going to see a Starship mission being conducted. The “dear moon” flight sponsored by the Japanese billionaire Yasaku Maezawa will be conducting the first civilian space mission. (Fun Fact: I have registered for the dear moon flight mission. Have you?)

What are your thoughts on the 1st Starship super heavy booster showed off by Elon Musk? And do you think SpaceX will be able to perfect it by 2023? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative do like it and share it with your friends.

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