Elon Musk says he will hand Twitter over to YouTube star MrBeast if he ‘dies’

Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder Elon Musk have issued several strange tweets since purchasing Twitter for $44 billion on April 25. Following suit, Elon Musk joked on Monday, May 9, about who he would transfer control of Twitter to if he were to “die under strange circumstances.”If I die under inexplicable circumstances, it’s been nice knowin ya” he tweeted.

In response, MrBeast, a YouTube star, tweeted, “If that happens, can I have Twitter?” to which Musk answered, “OK.” “Aside, be safe!” “I wuv u,” the YouTuber replied, implying Musk’s succession-planning announcement was a joke.

Although the exchange appeared to be a joke, Musk casually promised to donate $1 million to a charity drive sponsored by Donaldson on Twitter in 2019 and followed through on the commitment.

To commemorate his 20 millionth subscriber, Donaldson created the #TeamTrees initiative in collaboration with the Arbor Day Foundation, asking for donations to plant 20 million trees around the world.

Musk responded to a question about the campaign on Twitter by saying that it seems legit’ and offered to donate $1 million, briefly changing his Twitter handle to ‘Treelon.’ The Team Trees website validated Musk’s donation of one million trees (at $1 per tree) shortly after his tweet.

MrBeast is well-known for his riveting YouTube videos in which he does complex and costly stunts. His YouTube channel has almost 95 million members, and he was named the site’s top US creator in 2021 for the second year in a row. Thanks to his outlandish stunt films on his YouTube account ‘MrBeast,’ Donaldson has amassed a considerable fan base.

He’s also well-known for his charitable giveaways. In 2020, he launched his Beast Philanthropy channel, which donates 100% of its ad revenue, sponsor cooperation, and retail purchases to food banks. Donaldson’s YouTube videos are reported to earn him roughly $1 million every month.

Meanwhile, Musk uploaded an image of a tweet from Russian space director Dmitry Rogozin, who warned Musk against selling Starlink technology to “fascist forces in Ukraine with military communication equipment.”

Musk has been offering internet connections around the world using Starlink, a network of over 2,000 low-Earth orbit satellites. The service has a significant presence in Ukraine, where it was founded with the primary purpose of keeping the country linked during Russia’s ongoing invasion. Back in April, Musk indicated that they had resisted Russian hacking and jammer attempts and that SpaceX was focusing its efforts on countermeasures at the expense of other projects.