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Elon Musk seeks to block Twitter request for expedited trial

An image of Elon Musk is seen on smartphone placed on printed Twitter logos in this picture illustration


On July 15 the richest man of the world, Elon Musk registered a lawsuit combat the appeal of the social networking platform, Twitter to accelerate a legal proceeding over the billionaire’s decision to nullify his takeover bid of Twitter worth $44 billion.

The legal representatives of the billionaire mentioned in the filing that the groundless appeal of the microblogging website to accelerate the business dispute between the two parties in two months should be declined. The lawsuit by the chief executive of Tesla has been registered in the same business tribunal of Delaware where Twitter registered an accusation against the billionaire alleging him for violating the takeover pact, earlier this week.

This step my the CEO of the electric vehicle maker is the most recent action in the judicature dispute which is speculated to be the most significant corporate dispute. The social networking service provider is looking round for settling months of unpredictability for its dealing as the billionaire has planned to bail out from the takeover agreement on the bases of the automated accounts issue with the microblogging website.

Musk had proposed a bid of $44 billion, buying each stakes of the San-Fransisco based firm for $54.20, back on April 14 this year. In the accusation registered by Twitter Inc, the firm has mentioned that it wants the billionaire to go ahead with dealing and purchase all the stakes of the firm for the same proposed price.

The microblogging website has appealed the Chancery Court to begin the judicial proceedings in the month of September this year as the takeover pact with the chief executive of Tesla bails out at the end of October this year.

In the lawsuit which the billionaire registered on July 15, he mentioned that the abrupt appeal of the microblogging website to accelerate the pace subsequent to 2 months of unwillingness and baffle is the firm’s new strategy to cover the veracity about the automated accounts, getting adequate time to compel the accused for concluding the deal.

The legal representatives of the chief executive of Tesla that this battle over the automated or bot accounts is essential to the worth of the social networking platform and exceptionally truth and a plan of a specialist. They further added that the dispute needs considerable duration for uncovering and appealed the court to start the judicial proceedings from February 13, 2023 or after that period.

The loan funding raft promised by the banks for the takeover bid of the billionaire ends in the month of April next year. So, if the judicial proceedings start from February next year and does not reach to settlement by the month of April it would probably fall in.




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