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Elon Musk takes yet another bitter jibe at Bezos with his savage tweet.



Elon Musk savage

Elon Musk

The bitter strife between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos is not anything new. Being on the same domain competing for the same goal will naturally turn any companies into warring factions, although here it is more of a cold war scenario. And sarcasm and Twitter are the weapons. Since we already mentioned sarcasm and Twitter, it will not be hard to guess who frequently wields the weapon and who ends up on the receiving end. Musk already has a reputation of being incorrigible and borderline preposterous when it comes to tweeting. Probably because he doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to a tweet. Recently, Musk was in agreement with a tweet that slammed Bezos’ Blue Origin for their sloth-like growth. And Musk came up with an even wittier reply that doubled the effect. After all, we must appreciate the humor sense of the man. And not so surprisingly, a string of responses came up following the tweet. After all, it is Musk tweeting. A chain reaction of responses and memes is the natural course of things. Let us take a look at the post.

Responses and Reactions

When Elon Musk tweets, Twitterati, more or less beat to its rhythm (and at times goes offbeat). The recent tweet also lined up a spectrum of responses. While some users were in happy agreement, others weren’t really happy about it. Although Bezos is not on Pluto right now, Musk definitely got on the wrong planet with some users, thanks to the tweet dipped in sarcasm. Let us flip through a few responses that are worth flipping through.

It did gain some good laughter.

Talk about premonition and foresight.

Ahh! Burn.

As we have established before, where there is Elon Musk, there is crypto.

Now that is a very muddling response.

Need a class on sarcasm? Take it from this human.

Applauses never run out of stock.

Savagery does gain admirers apparently.

Finally a whiff of disagreement.

Looks like people are quite encouraging about the pluto idea.





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