A Twitter spokesperson confirmed that Musk would attend the company all-hands meeting this week.
Source: NDTV

Elon Musk to address Twitter employees for first time in Town Hall

The Tesla CEO will be giving his first address to the workers of Twitter Inc this week. The talk will be hosted as the first meeting for all the employees of the corporation after Musk’s $44 billion proposal declaration. The workers received an email from the CEO of Twitter on June 12 regarding this concern.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed that Musk would attend the company all-hands meeting this week.
Source: NDTV

This gathering is programmed on June 16 and it is believed that Elon Musk will be inviting questions from the staff after his speech. A representative of the social media platform affirmed the report.

Twitter has been under several controversies since the declaration of Musk’s deal back in April. Quite a number of staff have shown their despondence with the world’s richest man. This is because Musk has been seen criticizing various clauses and terms of the multinational conglomerate. They fear that the unpredictable nature of Musk can harm Twitter economically and disrupt the business.

The chief executive of Twitter has driven various reforms to the utmost of Twitter’s product organization. He also declared a sequence of downsizing steps to be taken by the corporation, after Musk disclosed his deal.

Previously in April, the chief of Twitter was also seen putting an end to the rage of the staff during a gathering organized for the whole of Twitter. The employees had raised a question to the CEO as to how the directors of the social media platform are planning to deal with a predicted mass exodus given rise by the Tesla chief.

In that meeting, the execs said that the corporation will keep track of the number of staff reduced daily. However, it was too early to speak about how this takeover deal with Musk will leave a mark on employee holding.

The Tesla CEO was seen raising questions about Twitter’s automation actions. There is some assumption that Musk might reconsider this deal if Twitter fails to provide him with proper information about the spam accounts and automation of the social media platform.

The directors of the tech giant have however affirmed to their staff that the company is making sure that this deal is executed.

Though Musk is going to address the employees of the company, it can still not be assumed that the problems between Musk and Twitter have been resolved.

The stocks of Twitter are currently trading at $54.20 less than (per share) the amount offered by Elon Musk to take over the social media platform.