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Elon Musk Tweets About Taj Mahal’s Beauty
The speculations of Tesla chief Elon Musk visiting India in near future gained traction after his Twitter remark post got viral.

The world’s richest man’s mother, Maye Musk took to Twitter to share her parents’ trip to Taj Mahal back in 1954 as she attached a photo of her mother in front of the architectural marvel and posted an anecdote as well with it about how the pair flew from South Africa to Australia and stopped in India on the way to catch a glimpse of the historical Taj Mahal.

Elon Musk’s grandparents, Mr. Joshua Haldeman and Mrs. Wyn Haldeman are the only people ever to successfully finish this journey on a single propellor airplane without the help and assistance of neither a map nor a GPS.

Elon Musk Grandparents by Moneycontrol

His mother’s tweet was in response to Mr. Elon Musk’s tweet about his liking appreciation for architecture from India. A tweet surfaced about the detailing on the architecture of the Agra Fort to which Mr. Elon Musk replied saying that it is truly marvellous and that he paid a visit to the Taj Mahal 15 years ago back in 2007 and that it deserves its spot on the seven wonders of the world.

Maye Musk also tweeted out a picture of her father standing in front of the plane the pair flew on to complete their record-breaking journey. Elon Musk’s reply has been up for just over day and it has already racked up well over 80k likes and almost 6,000 retweets.

Maye Musk’s post has been up for less than a day and her tweet and pictures have racked up close to 40,000 likes and almost 3,000 retweets. It is clear that the entire Musk family have very relevant on social media and have a great footing especially after Mr. Musk recently acquired full stake of the social media giant.

Add a relevant celebrity tweeting about the wonder of India, it is bound to go viral, make its rounds across every social media platform with new outlets writing articles about them.

The tweet has however had a bit of a mixed reception which one twitter user praising Mr. Musk’s grandparents for achieving a goal that many people believed was impossible and that if we believe in ourselves a bit more, even we can achieve more than we expect.

Others saw a more negative or as some would say pragmatic way by tweeting out that we should never forget the black and other people of colour who were exploited so that white and Caucasian people could do this.



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