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Elon Musk’s response to Twitter lawsuit to be made public this Friday
Musk's lawyers wanted to file a public version of their response and counterclaims in Delaware court this week

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Elon Musk’s response to Twitter lawsuit to be made public this Friday.
Source: The Times of India

Reports suggest how the response of Tesla CEO Elon Musk to the lawsuit filed by social media giant Twitter Inc. is set to be made public by the night of August 5. This suit was filed in Delaware court last month as the billionaire CEO tried to get out of the $44 billion deal to acquire the platform.

Lawyers representing the Tesla and SpaceX chief were reportedly focussed on filing a public version of Musk’s response, and counterclaims in the court on August 3. However, the lawyers representing the social media giant expressed that they were in need of extra time for reviewing and possibly redacting the filing from the billionaire. They stated how this filing widely referred to the internal data and information he received from the social media giant.

Prior to agreeing to Twitter Inc.’s terms, Chancellor Kathallen St. Jude McCormick conducted an instant teleconference on August 3. In it, she specified that this public filing would be recorded by the evening of August 5. Moreover, it is possibly to come even earlier taking into account when Twitter’s lawyers wrap up the awaited review. They presented the argument that court rules need the lapse of five business days prior to the recording of the filing’s public version.

Statements from the attorneys in the case:

Kevin Shannon, attorney representing Twitter Inc stated how this is one of those few cases that attract immense public interest. He stated how the platform is aware of the court’s interest in making sure of that the public is ample access to the proceedings. Further it stated how Twitter is not interested in any further negotiations to Musk’s pleading than required.

Edward Micheletti attorney representing Musk expressed how attorney’s for Twitter were misinterpreting the rules of the court, specifying the absence of confidential data in the filing that the public should not see. He stated how the social media company should noy be allowed to go on hiding the data that it does not want revealed.

Though he cracked a deal to buy Twitter about four months ago, he attempted to get out of it last month. This pushed the platform to file a suit against him to compel him to stick to his word. According to the billionaire CEO, Twitter was unable to submit enough data regarding the number of spam or bot accounts on the platform. On the other hand, Twitter claims that Musk is attempting to get out the deal owing to the deteriorating market situation.