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Elon Musk’s Tesla Giga Berlin fest gets both support and protests

Tesla started inviting guests to the fest being held on October 9, 2021. While many attendees have been sharing their experiences on one side. Then, on the other side, there have been concerns from certain locals about environmental impacts.

Tesla holds 'Giga Fest' at disputed German factory - France 24

The factory is yet to get all approvals to start production. The factory will be making 500,000 vehicles with its full production. Tesla assured that they will add on to the country’s goals to shift towards e-mobility. However, there have been slight protests. Manu Hoyer led a small protest with locals to oppose the project. It was based on environmental grounds saying the factory will pollute drinking water. Hoyer said, “I would tell him to stop building electro cars but rather fly to Mars,”

In addition to the factory, Tesla also has to receive approvals for its battery plant. Tesla plans to invest 5 billion in the 50 GWh capacity battery manufacturing plant. While it is known that Tesla received enormous interest from various people to attend the fest. So much that the company had to send a note saying the invitations are no more given since almost 2-3 days before the event day.

However, demonstrators were on the scene on Saturday morning carrying signboards saying “Stop Tesla” or “water and forest aren’t for private profit”. Furthermore, the 69-year-old local activist Gurdrun Luebeck said, It’s unbelievable that you can build a factory like this without permission.”

The celebration is ON

Despite all the outer chaos, the party goes on. Elon Musk tweeted, “Giga Berlin-Brandenburg fun party today!”. There are many posts posted by visitors. Everything from the factory tour to the fun activities inside is seen.

We can see many families visiting with their children, where a kid says, “Looks, it’s a Tesla.”  A  self-proclaimed Tesla fan Fred Schroeder says, “This day is unique. The Tesla factory in Germany will be opened to the public for the first time. That is a very special day.”

On October 15, the final decision from the environment minister will be declared. This consultation is going on because of public concerns. The Green League campaign group said recently, “Tesla has to follow the same procedures as other companies.” The date is said to be not fixed according to a report by Gadgets NDTV. The resistance might not seem like much from far, but there are enough protestors to hold the regulations or permissions which would be given otherwise. Tesla had always been one of the most sustainable companies in many aspects. This must have been an unexpected situation for the top EV player.







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