Elon rejects former T-mobile CEO to control Twitter
Another episode of Twitter covers Elon Musk bluntly replying to T-Mobile's CEO John over his recent tweet


As Elon has taken over Twitter after a long six-month battle, many people have been supporting as well as opposing it. Recently, T-mobile’s former CEO and president, John Legere, expressed his voice on Twitter, offering a job pitch to Elon Musk.


In his job pitch posted on Twitter, Mr. Legere said, “Hi @elonmusk, maybe I should run @twitter. You can stop managing daily business, and “content moderation” and then support product/technology, let someone else “run” @Twitter. I’m expensive but so is what you paid for twitter (p.s. please be a leading example of how to tweet).


This tweet was about the deal of $44 million that Elon spent to buy Twitter. The tweet came after the new CEO tweeted that he is working a lot for the platform after his acquisition, “at the absolute most amount… from morning till night, seven days a week”


In reply to his tweet, Elon Musk the billionaire replied to him in just one word “No”.


To which John further replied by tagging Elon, “Well that was a short interview, fair enough, Can’t say I didn’t try,”


“But please consider the free advice included in my suggestion. I believe @twitter can be the marketplace for transparent free speech AND a profitable growth company. That will require vision but also leadership and management,” he said in a subsequent tweet.


Later, Musk tweeted in response to John’s tweet that he appreciated both Legere and T-Mobile US CEO Mike Sievert. But later he said that Twitter was a software and servers company and the technology had to evolve quickly, “which requires a technologist.”


It’s not the first time Musk has denied a business leader’s guidance about how to operate Twitter.


Mark Cuban, a billionaire entrepreneur, recommended to Musk that the $8 verification fee could be less for the most valid Community Notes contributors on the platform.


To which Musk replied to Cuban, saying: “$8 for all.”


Meanwhile, since becoming the chief of Twitter, Mr. Musk has introduced and removed a number of elements that are directly leading to chaos in the functioning of the social media company. After acquiring Twitter, he even terminated the top executives, including Indian-origin CEO Parag Agrawal


About John Legere:

John Legere is an American businessman, also the former Chief Executive and President of T-Mobile US. He earlier worked at AT&T, Dell, and Global Crossing.


In August, Elon’spaceX and John’s T-Mobile joined together to renounce cell users’ network entry via Starlink satellites that will help in providing coverage in most regions in the US, including rural locations. Musk said the assistance was intended at “eliminating dead zones worldwide.”