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Energy Island With Ramboll’s support in Denmark
An artificial farm land in North Sea with 3GW off-shore wind turbines.

Set around 100 km from land, the Danish company, Ramboll is working on developing a farm island. This artificial energy island is to be built by 2030.

Denmark is building the world's largest wind energy island -

Image credit- Innovation Origins

Datacenter on the island

As of now, Ramboll is studying the possibilities. With a data center, the research will enable them to provide a practical model. Furthermore, the company has been working on different possible studies.

As said by the company, “While one of the primary drivers for the project is the transmission of green power to the Danish and European shores. The project offers many other possibilities for innovative thinking and value-creating infrastructure due to its size and magnitude.”

Interestingly, the island will be more than wind farms or power generation. Their Ptx facilities (Power to X) will enable the farm to convert energy to ammonia and hydrogen.

Europe’s shift towards green energy

Furthermore, the data-driven island is to be called VindØ. This island is to have a longevity of 50 years. Ramboll spoke about certain details as,

“Given the ever-increasing demand for data, placing a data center on the energy island could help secure a greener data-driven future. Combined with abundant and low-cost electricity with proximity to international data cables. This could potentially be attractive for both data center developers and the owners of the energy island.”

This island will be made such that certain creatures can live temporarily, depending on the lifeline of the island. And will have recreational areas.

The business development director from Ramboll, Jesper W. Thomsen added,

“This is a historic project that will give Denmark and Europe the opportunity to become the frontrunners of green energy production and storage. There will be a huge benefit for our society from this project. And we are delighted to be involved and provide our support to the VindØ consortium.”

Additionally, the initial installation capacity will be 3GW offshore wind turbines. Further can be developed into 10GW capacity. Finally, the VindØ consortium will be funded by Andel, Denmark’s largest utility company. And another fund from Pension Denmark. Both are large companies in the country working towards renewable energy source investments.



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