The Enhanced Version Of Greedfall Comes To PS5 With An Expansion On June 30

Enhanced Version Of GreedfallSpider Studios has announced that the enhanced and improved version of the original Greedfall will hit the next-gen consoles on June 30. The game will receive a Gold Edition on both platforms, along with its first major story expansion. With the update, greed will drop with native 4K resolution and 60fps performance. The expansion will be the first brand new adventure for fans of the game.

Greedfall comes with a free upgrade and storage compatibility for PS4 and Xbox One owners on June 30 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. Set in an early 17th century fantasy setting, this popular action role-playing game allows players to explore a secluded paradise island. The game is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Greedfall’s enhanced PlayStation 5 with a free upgrade and save migration for existing PS4 owners. Forge your own destiny and enjoy 4K resolution, improved graphics, faster loading and 60fps performance in all modes on Xbox X, S and PS5.

Enhanced Version Of GreedfallThis first major story expansion takes you to the unexplored land of Tar Fradee, adding new quests, strange new creatures and enemies, unique gear and a twisted story that separates from any traditional free-form role-playing experience. Greedfall players will enjoy the new story expansion, but the new owners will also enjoy it.

The new De Vespe Conspiracy DLC will be available with the Gold Edition when Greedfall is released. The Gold Edition offers the best experience of the base game with improved graphics performance using the new hardware of the PS5, and the De Vespes Conspiracy expansion will be free.

The new version runs in 4K UHD resolution with better performance and faster charging thanks to the console SSDs and De Vespe Conspiracy, a brand new extension. Notable performance improvements include a 60 fps performance mode with native UHD 4K resolution and improved graphics and charging.

GreedfallThe De Vespe conspiracy is our model for a new expansion that is scheduled on June 30, CEO and lead author of Spiders gives you some ideas for returning to the primary season of Greedfall and in case you return to Tar Fradee to find a brand new room full of intrigue. De Vespe Conspiracy is a complete plot arc with participant selections and epic end, including new characters, enemies, equipment and areas to discover.

Your surname is customizable, including your gender, appearance, and talents and abilities. How your loved ones identify is also adaptable, with your gender starting with skills and abilities. Your talents impact how you interact with the island, including diplomacy, craft skills and the ability to find wild treasures. Dive deeper into Greedfall and its web of quests and stories to unleash more than 80 skills that you can combine to create your style of play.

Different actions and quests depending on your talent choices may have different consequences and there are several possible ends for the most important game experience, as well as two different endings in the DLC.

Enhanced Version Of GreedfallIn Greedfall, you can change the difficulty settings at any time, from a hardcore role-playing game with plenty of static to a new discovery mode that allows you to enjoy the game without having to develop your character skills and equipment. The Vespe Conspiracy takes place in the unexplored Tar Fradee region, where players can unlock new gear, confront invisible fantastic creatures and go head-to-head with enemy factions not in Greedfall’s main story. The expansion completes the arc of player choice with a spectacular conclusion with new characters, enemies, equipment and areas to explore.

GreedfallGreedfall generated so much appeal in November that it was announced that PS5 and Xbox X versions would arrive sometime in the future. The game was released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in late 2019 and offers the chance to explore new lands in search of a cure for the plague plaguing their homeland.