Instagram Trends That Are Taking Over The Internet

Social media has always been a staple element. Whether it be entertainment or information, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook is inevitably the first stop. Particularly now, with copious amounts of time in our hands’ thanks to the global pandemic, social media is becoming the rage now and new trends are springing up like mushrooms during monsoon. Because entertainment is an important part of social life, and especially during a time when social life has become a thing of the past, it becomes all the more important to find new channels for getting real Instagram followers.


Instagram in particular has become the refuge of bored souls in the quest for ways to kill time. While some are finding peace by scrolling their time away, others are adding new twists to entertainment with the new Instagram trends that have become the rage now (and sometimes making people rage with annoyance, because let’s face it, even too much of entertainment is exhausting). Here are a few Instagram trends that have caught the attention of users and sometimes, successfully managed to get on their nerves.

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1.Live Life The Live Stream Way

The live stream was present since 2016. However, it took a global pandemic for the spotlight to finally shine on this particular feature provided by Instagram. As handy as it is, sometimes it gets a bit too frequent and boring. But it cannot be denied that live streams are an amazing way for creators and other users to connect with their audience. The success of this particular feature is evident from the increase of live views to 70% in 2020 as compared to the former years. Although coming face to face with a live audience can seem like a daunting task, many people don’t have such a problem because these days the live stream frequency has hit saturation levels and the number of audiences is dropping. Accidentally clicking on somebody’s live stream can be quite baffling too.

Instagram trend memes

2.Instagram Challenges During Challenging Times

At this point facing challenges of high magnitude can be added to the resume of each and every one of us. After all, we have managed to live through a global pandemic that has made itself comfortable in the world. Although Instagram challenges were on Instagram for a long time, just like the live streams, they experienced a surge in popularity post-pandemic thanks to a lot of time in the hands of people and no particular activities at hand. So, why not take to Instagram and create a challenge of your own.

3.Memes Never Go Out Of Trend

A good dose of laughter is something nobody will refuse. Particularly during a time when reasons for good laughter are in short supply. Thus it makes all the more sense why people love memes. It will not be an exaggeration to say that memes are taking over the internet. And they are proving to be lifesavers. Perhaps, that is the reason why meme pages are springing up one after the other on Instagram these days. And it cannot be denied that memes are the best examples for high-level sarcasm dipped in amazing wit.


4.Reels On The Wheel

People were greatly disheartened when TikTok was banned. However soon Instagram came with a better alternative in the form of reels. And without question, people can’t stop making reels. The 15-second reels are often casual and fun, and sometimes bordering on ridiculous and silly. Well, sometimes it is better not to take life too seriously.