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5 reasons why you should start your own business !

A large number of us think of starting up on our own. Very frequently the thought of doing something we like ‘each day each moment’ crosses our minds. However, a very few finally take the leap to startup on their own. Techstory brings you strong reasons why you should take the leap right away !


1. You get to do what you like

I meet so many people each day who tell me they totally hate their job. Most of them I believe are stuck in the wrong job. They are doing things each day that do no justice to their skills or aspirations. Doing things that you don’t like leads to drop in productivity leading to unsatisfied customers and therefore more frustration. What keeps these people in their job then ? Most of the times its the financial security !

When you start up on your own it gives you an opportunity to do what you like each and every day.  And all of us know, there is no bigger freedom in the world than this.It gives you an immense amount of sense of having lived a fulfilling day.And in the world of today, monetizing whatever you are doing is not a very difficult task. So its just a matter of few days of insecurity in the beginning when one decides to startup. A few days down the line, you would be your favorite job in the world and at the same time making a large amount of money( most of the times making more money than what you might earn from your corporate job) from it.

2. Limitless opportunity

Once you have your own business, the opportunities are limitless. You can spearhead the business to wherever you want. Doing what you like gives you a new high. It acts as a tremendous inspiration for you to take your business ahead. Also you can make use of your best skills and strengths that can take your business to new heights.

All this does not come with a corporate job. What you can do in your job is most of the times restricted by the nature of your jobs. Most of the times, doing injustice to your skills !

3. Tremendous learning

When you run your business, you are the sales guy, the HR department, the operations department, the creative head, the brand, the service, everything. The network that one builds when running the business, the people that you meet from various walks of life each and every day, present a learning opportunity for you. The ability to take an initiative, start something on your own and take it to execution gives you an unmatched end to end learning experience.

The learning that you get when you run your own business is incomparable to what a corporate job offers.

4. Support available

A few years ago, it might have been difficult for one to start their own business. Starting a business did not find too much support in the society. Job security was almost a necessary part of living. However, now this is not the case. Business owners now find considerable amount of support in society. There are a number of not for profit organizations such as TIE which work as networking and support groups for entrepreneurs. Therefore any help and resources needed to start your own business are now very readily available. Starting up has never been easier.

5. Internet has made starting your business very easy

In the world of internet, nothing is impossible. In the world of internet, therefore, there is absolutely no reason why you should be doing anything other than what you really really like doing. You could have any idea and turn it into reality. Not only turn it into reality but turn it into a very successful venture. Whatever idea you have, there is no doubt that it will find interested audiences in this world of internet. What better time than right now to start you own venture then!






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