Why Entrepreneurs Must Learn The Code Of Business



We cannot deny the importance of coding in today’s scenario. The world has gone online and coding skills are becoming extremely important, quickly turning into the core competency. And when it comes to internet startups, it is essential. There has been a huge debate about non-tech and tech entrepreneurs but we think it is a great skill to learn.  Here we have some reasons why an entrepreneur should learn coding:

1. Get the work done:

At the time of converting your idea into mobile or web platform, you must need a lot of coding. You will hire a coder for the same but to get the work done with an appropriate pace you must know the actual stuff. When your business survives on the basis of the code then you just cannot remain aloof with the technology.

When you code, you learn how long things take to implement, you understand the risks, you understand the problems of the coder and this helps in increasing the speed of the work.

2. Learn the language of your business:

Learning to code and working effectively with technology is just like learning a new language. If you are an internet startup you will be required to spend a lot of time with new technology. You should know the language your business requires. Imagine you have to go to get settled in Japan for your business, you would surely learn their language. Coding is no different. And this is one of the important reasons you should learn to code.

3. For hiring and evaluating the techies:

This is the era of internet startups and technology is the most important aspect of all the internet startups. Hence, finding and hiring the right technical team is a critical aspect.   Your team will be your catalyst to achieve success. So, the question is why you need to learn coding. You must know coding because If you know how to code, you’ll have a better understanding of what to look for in a talented developer or a chief technology officer. And you will be in a better position to evaluate their work.

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4. Do it yourself:

In a boot strapped startup, the co-founders need to wear many hats.  And coding is one of the most important one. Building a website yourself will take a lot less time and you will save a lot of money as well. So, try to get your hands dirty and build it yourself.  And building an app or a website is not a onetime thing. Once you’ve learned how to code, you can make any additions, changes, developments or improvements yourself.

5. Critical thinking:

As an entrepreneur, you need to take many big decisions. Decisions which can either take your business to new heights or bring crashing to the ground. Sometimes the situation will be really tough and pressure will be high.

Strong and critical thinking skills facilitate good decision making, and there is no better way to learn and think critically than by learning to code as it makes you think logically and solve the problem one step at a time.

6. For the love of Investors:

It is also well known that Investors seem to like the entrepreneurs who code. Chances of getting noticed by investors increases when one of the co-founders is a techie. This assures the investors that you not only have a great idea, but have potential to execute it as well.

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Bottom line:

We understand that as an entrepreneur, you might not have much time to learn to code but you can surely spare some time as it is no rocket science. So, leave all your apprehensions, gear up and go for it. And if you need some guidance in the process,  Jaarvis Accelerator is there to help you. For more information drop us an email at info@jaarvisaccelerator.com